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Surface Tablets

The newest features in the Microsoft Surface tablet series provide an amazing amount of functionality, so if you’re currently thinking of switching from a desktop or laptop computer to a mobile device keep on reading! These devices can use the Windows 8 platform, which is designed for mobile devices and make surfing the web and other advanced tasks easy to manage. However, these tablets are still compatible with the Windows 7 platform as well. Additionally, some Surface tablets are now powerful enough to adequately provide all of the functions of a laptop computer.

Properties of The Top Surface Model Tablets

Selecting the right tablet for you is a matter of determining the most relevant properties that you will need. Some of the earliest tablet versions offer only basic utilities, but later Surface tablet versions come with accelerated hardware components for maximum productivity. For example, the powerful internal memory and hardware components allow you to now perform procedures that used to be only possible through a well-designed desktop tower. A summary of these components are listed in the chart below.

Graphics Card

The graphics card can process large amounts of data, and a high-end graphics card can enable the playback of high-definition video, 3D graphics, and other amazing visual content.


The central processing unit, or CPU, functions as the central annex for information processing and relay. The power of the central processing unit, or CPU, affects the speed and response of the system as a whole.


The random-access memory storage cache allows the computer to store and retrieve information.

Screen Resolution

The resolution of the computer screen determines the appearance of the images as well as the colours. Surface tablets have great resolution.

Wi-Fi Compatibility

Wireless fidelity, or Wi-Fi, is a communications protocol that enables you to access certified portals. This technology is relatively new to tablet devices, but has been standard for laptops for some time. This is important.


On-board cameras allow you to record and upload videos. There may be a single camera or multiple cameras on the device.

Processor Core

The power and efficiency of the processor core determines the kind of performance you will experience, and it also affects the device's energy consumption rate. Processors with multiple cores can perform calculations faster than processors with single cores.

Battery Lifespan

Energy-conservative tablets can increase the life of the battery by reducing the strain on the system during operations.

Tablet Weight

These tablets are generally lighter than a laptop computer, and the average weight range of many tablets is around 1,000 grams.

Surface Pen

The performance of the digital pen is more important to users who perform drawing and fine movements than those who use it simply to click. The Surface comes with a Stylus Pens but you can always upgrade.

Tablet Stand

Tablet kickstands allow you to place your monitor in an upright position, and this simulates the appearance and function of a laptop computer screen.


Bluetooth Tablets allow you to connect your tablet to other digital devices for transferring files and other media.


The internal hard drive stores memory for computer devices including Surface tablets. Hard disk drives have mechanical parts, but solid state drives do not have moving parts.


Tablets with high-definition multimedia interface, or HDMI, ports can transfer audio and video data through the system at high speeds. USB 3.0 connections also permit rapid data transfers between External Hard Drives and the tablet.


Selecting The Right Tablet

Now for the fund part! Selecting the right tablet to suit your needs. There is no right or wrong, but there is a wide selction to choose from. Check out this list of components to help you compare the different platforms in order to decide how much power or memory you require. Comparing different devices is the best way to learn about all the features that will likely be most useful to you.

1. Surface Pro Tablet 64GB

This early version of the Surface Pro tablet series still provides a variety of desirable features. You can run the Windows 7 or 8 version of this acclaimed operating system. The solid state drive reads and writes information faster than hard disk, or mechanical, drives. This device comes with a series of apps, which help you to organise essential data. Cross-platform compatibility is not an issue, and the multi-media capabilities of this version are fully supported. The widescreen ratio is ideal for viewing high-resolution content, and the lightness of this tablet is only matched by its durability. Check it out here.

2. Microsoft Surface 32GB Wi-Fi Tablet

This Surface tablet uses the powerful Nvidia T30 CPU....sounds impressive hey! This processor meets some of the highest benchmarks for performance in the industry. The device has 2GB of onboard RAM, and this makes the system perfectly compatible for the needs of the most demanding multi-tasking users. The Wi-Fi compatible tablet is perfect if you need to access hotspots from various public locations. The two HD cameras can produce video images at a 720p resolution, which is ideal for additional editing work and output compression formatting. This system has a quad-core processor, and the high-resolution screen provides an optimal visual experience. Check it out here.

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 2 256GB Tablet

This model provides several improvements over the previous version of the Surface Pro tablet. Although the screen size and tablet weight is almost identical to the earlier model, the new device uses a fourth generation processor, and twice the storage space is now available. This tablet also offers an internal solid state drive with a memory of 256GB and up to 8GB of RAM. The powerful graphics card enables users to enjoy high-definition content without sacrificing quality or performance. The screen resolution is 1920 X 1080, and this is the maximum quality resolution possible for viewing 4k footage and other quality material. This tablet has Wi-Fi features as well as a sturdy kickstand for easy viewing. The Bluetooth 4.0 feature offers maximum flexibility for transferring digital files. Check it out here.

4. Microsoft Surface 64GB Wi-Fi Tablet

This tablet comes with a touch cover to protect the device, and it is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 compatible. The powerful NVIDIA processor has four cores, and the 2GB of onboard RAM provides the capacity to leverage the power of every processor core. The multi-touch screen allows you to perform complex touch commands without the limitation of a single click or tap. This was designed to accommodate workers who need to use SkyDrive to transfer files to their colleagues, but it can also be used for students as a useful portal to their social networks. This device also has two high-resolution cameras for video conferencing and networking. Check it out here.

5. Surface Tablets Adapters

Surface Pro tablet adapters are specifically designed for this line of products, funny that. Adapters are necessary when connecting two devices with ports that are not compatible. For example, the VGA adapter for Surface tablets allows you to connect your tablet to an external monitor that only receives VGA signals. This is a common problem when interfacing with certain legacy workstations, so the adapter helps you get around this issue. Similarly, the Surface Ethernet adapter maximizes compatibility with various other devices including printers, external networks, large monitors, and more.

Other Accessories For Surface Computer Tablets

Touch covers protect the surface of the keys, and this prevents dust and other debris from collecting on the device. Finally, every tablet owner will eventually need to select one of the many tablet cases available to protect the item from scratches or random fluid spills. The best time to make this purchase is at the same time as the tablet purchase, in order to maximize protection and maintain the value of the device. The colours and materials available provide this protection with a personalized touch of style.


Surface tablet technology represents a significant advancement in the computational power of mobile devices. The combination of the new hard drives, powerful multi-core processors and advanced graphic cards combine to offer an unprecedented amount of power for the fans of mobile technology; however, there are still some software programs that can challenge these achievements.

For most situations, these tablets can fully substitute for the ubiquitous tasks that you might regularly perform on your desktop or laptop computer. The real trick to shopping for the perfect tablet is to know what kind of power is needed, once you work out exactly how much power you need then making a decision is easy. Check out the entire range of Surface products here.