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Beats By Dre LHS

If you’re looking for high-quality headphones for home, office, or school use, get yourself some Beats – there’s plenty of models to choose from. Among the most popular is Beats by Dre, a line of headphones designed by rap superstar and producer, Dr. Dre. If you’re a music enthusiast and you’re considering buying Beats headphones then keep on reading, we can help you work out what your ears are after.

Understanding Your Headphone Options

Much like other headphones oou there, Beats by Dre are offered at several different tier levels to meet the needs of different buyers. It's essential to weigh up how these variations in sound quality and noise cancellation will impact your listening experience. Before hopping online and picking out a pair of headphones, make sure you check out their style, sound quality, bass quality, and of course how they look on you. You might have already tried on a pair and you know what you know what style you are after, if not get into a JB Hi-Fi Store and check em’ out.

Headphone Style

One of the first factors that many shoppers consider when buying headphones is style. With Beats by Dre, you’ll be able to choose from two different styles depending on your needs. Ensure that you think through how you intend to use the headphones before making a decision, and keep in mind that the style can affect the sound quality. 

Over-the-ear headphones, is the style preferred by professional musicians and studios. These headphones feature full cups that fit on or over the ears and a headband that holds them in place. Over-the-ear is generally used to describe headphones that feature a cup that fits around the ear, cancelling outside noise. There’s also special noise cancelling headphones available.

Earbud headphones, generally known as earbuds, feature no headband. They are compact and are designed to fit right into the ear. These types of headphones are ideal if you’re constantly on the go or you like to want to listen to music on your cellphone. Earbuds are also ideal for the active person who wants to listen to music while running, working out, or just strutting around looking cool. While earbuds were long considered inferior by professional musicians, advances in technology have made them a great option for the consumer on a budget who still wants to enjoy great sound quality, these things really rock!

Sound Quality

Sound quality should always be the chief concern when shopping for headphones. It can be hard to gauge the overall sound quality of a given pair of headphones by just browsing online, but reviews can be a good way to get a feel for how a particular model performs. Let’s not forget that sound quality can be subjective, so if you’re in doubt, nothing will give you a better perspective than a good listen, head into a JB Hi-Fi store and crank up the volume. In general, differences in fidelity and sound quality across the Beats by Dre range are small, so unless you’re a record producer or you really go crazy for sound quality you’re unlikely to notice a huge difference. 

Bass Quality

Let’s face it, we are all totally addicted to bass! Bass addicts will likely be pleased with all of the options offered by Beats, as excellent bass quality is a hallmark of the brand. That said, you’re likely to find the most pleasing bass quality in over-the-ear headphones, as opposed to earbuds. This is simply a design constraint dictated by the laws of physics, (that’s pretty deep huh) as over-the-ear headphones generally promote a more even, less distorted sound. This is likely to be the case regardless of brand.

Built-In Microphone

Many Beats by Dre styles, especially earbud styles, offer a built-in microphone that can be used in conjunction with a mobile or computer. If you’re interested in this and who wouldn’t be? Be sure to buy headphones with built-in microphones, as a mic cannot be added to a headphones after you buy them.

Finish And Colour

We’d be lying if we claimed that colour has any impact on the overall sound quality or listening experience, but even so, it still does tend to factor into our purchasing choices! Luckily, the Beats range offers a huge selection of colour. From bright and patterned to low key and casual, you will find a pair that’s just right for you.

Understanding Beats by Dre Styles

When it comes to Beats by Dre headphones, you’re spoiled for choice! This brand offers seven different models, and each one is designed for a different type of user.


Beats by Dre Earbuds are sold in four different styles, all of which offer similar audio quality. The most compact styles are Heartbeats and Urbeats, which are ideal if you simply want a pair of headphones to use with a phone or MP3 player. The Tour model offers the highest sound quality of all Beats Earbuds, while the Powerbeats model features a wrap-around design for athletes.


These light, compact headphones are designed to be the on-the-go equivalent to the more cumbersome Beats by Dre models. They offer very high sound quality but are small enough to be carried in a purse or handbag. Solo comes in a variety of colours and features an in-line microphone compatible with phones and computers.


Beats Wireless features sound quality similar to Solo models but are completely free from audio cables. These headphones are charged via a USB port and will work with most MP3 players and smartphones. Wireless models are built with an audio-in and can be fitted with a cable for a customised listening experience. The battery is designed to hold a charge for 10 hours, and on-board controls allow you to switch songs without touching the player.


High-end Pro headphones, available in four different colour styles, are designed for use by studio engineers and serious musicians. These headphones are constructed from aluminum with leather earcups for the utmost durability. Pro models offer excellent sound cancellation, making them ideal both for studio environments and for travellers who don't want to be bothered while in the air or on the go.


Renowned DJ David Guetta asked Beats by Dre to create a pair of headphones specifically for working DJs. The result is Mixr, which offers high-quality audio in a light, comfortable package. The ear cups on Mixr headphones are specifically designed to minimise noise so that DJs can hear what they're mixing no matter how loud the club or party. Ear cups rotate back and forth and the cable can be daisy chained for convenience.


The Beats by Dre Executive model is designed for travellers who need high-quality headphones in a light, compact package. Executive headphones feature world-class noise cancellation. They are packaged with an airline adapter so that if you’re a frequent traveller, you can switch from your own media player to airplane programming and back again with ease.


One of the company's most popular models, the Studio line offers adaptive noise cancellation, a rechargeable battery with a 20-hour life, and the Beats Acoustic Engine for the best in sound quality. These headphones are equipped with a RemoteTalk cable and can be charged with a USB cord. These headphones are widely used in professional studios for recording and mixing.

Choosing The Right Beats by Dre Headphones For Every Need

The different Beats by Dre models can seem similar, if you’re not an audio expert! If that’s the case, use the chart below to help determine which Beats model is best for your individual lifestyle.


Solo and Wireless models are a great choice for teens who want to listen to music at home. Opt for earbuds if teens plan to take their headphones everywhere.


The Executive model offers the best in noise cancellation, making it an ideal choice for travel.

Music Enthusiast

Wireless and Pro models are ideal for music fans who want to have a great home-listening experience.

Budding Musician

For an aspiring DJ, choose the Mixr model. For all other musicians and studio engineers, go with the Pro model.

Music Student

Those who are studying music are best served by choosing from Wireless, Pro, and Studio models. Students may wish to consult with their professors before making a purchase.

Aspiring Producer

Studio headphones are the only choice for those who want to get into the music game as producers or label owners.


Quality and Convenience

The same professional audio quality that artists such as Dr. Dre demand in the studio is available to all consumers who buy headphones from the Beats line. With seven models to choose from, you will definitely be able to find a pair of headphones that you love.