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Checkout issue: “Something went wrong. This is awkward”

There are a number of reasons you may see this error:

Device date and time issues

If your device date or time is incorrect, the checkout process may fail.

To make sure your transaction is protected and secure, the date and time of your device must be accurate, and match the current time on our servers when you order from the JB Hi-Fi website.

You can see if your device’s clock is out of sync at .

  • It may be worth checking your device setting to ensure you are set to the right time zone.
  • If your date and time is significantly incorrect, you might try configuring your device to “Set date and time automatically” in your device settings. After making any updates try restarting your browser before checking out again.

Browser issues

Our website is designed to function in modern web browsers; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11+, Safari, and Microsoft Edge Browser.

Some third-party browser extensions and plugins may interfere with our site functionality.

If you’re running extensions or ad-blockers, you might consider temporarily disabling them. Once disabled you can try restarting your browser before checking out again.

If you find an extension that is causing issues while attempting to make an order, please contact us to let us know.

If issues persist please contact us.