Rewards & Benefits

Team Member Discounts

We offer generous team member discounts on our wide range of products.

Sales Commission / Incentives

Team members are strongly recognised for their efforts, as we have a generous sales commission structure in place and fantastic incentives available.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Our Employee Assistance Program is an initiative that JB provides to team members, offering confidential counselling, coaching and support. Elements of our EAP are also available to immediate family members.

Paid Maternity Leave

Six weeks paid maternity leave is available for eligible team members who are the primary carer of the child at the time of birth or adoption.

We provide a detailed Parental Leave Booklet which includes information on keeping in touch days, returning to work, entitlements and family support.

Plus, to celebrate this special occasion a $150 JB gift voucher is available for new parents to spend in store.

Training and Development

JB supports training opportunities that are relevant to your role. These opportunities may be on the job or in a more formal setting.