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Big brands working together

As Australia’s largest home entertainment retailer, we know how important the big brands are. And brands don’t come any bigger than Google. That’s why we stock a huge range of gear from some of the world’s other biggest brands that’ll work alongside your Google Assistant. Samsung, Phillips, LG, Sony, Hisense, Panasonic and Fitbit are just some of the brands that have products that go hand in hand with the Google Assistant to help make your day that little better.

Features from floor to ceiling

The future is here and it’s really easy to use. Connected Home devices such as Google Assistant are the hub of a heap of products that allow you to automate and customise your home with very little effort. Most of our regular household appliances come with smart options for around the same cost and offer a heap of extra benefits. There’s something for almost every room in the house – from the ceiling to the floor – and there’s stuff for outside as well. And we even have things you can wear. Let’s start with entertainment.

The Google Assistant itself is a speaker, allowing you to play music, surf the net via voice command and make phone calls. You can also use it as a way of connecting and controlling other speakers throughout the house, smart TVs, Chromecast for TVs that aren’t smart, and smart bars that will give you sound like you’ve never heard before. Moving to the laundry, you can connect your washing machine, giving you the flexibility of turning it on when you’re not at home, getting notifications when it’s finished or troubleshooting immediately if things go wrong. When it comes to the rest of the house, linking your smart lighting to your Google Assistant means you can program them for certain times of the day or night, helping set the mood for bed time or waking the family up gradually. Smart lighting also comes in a heap of shapes and colours to create a special feature in your home, one that can even synch to your music like it’s dancing along.
Temperature and air monitors can help you keep your home healthy, and Connected Vacuums give you more time to do the things you really want to do with your day. Video doorbells mean you can answer the door from your phone or your TV and add extra security to your home with easy-to-set up security cameras or baby monitors. Simply stick them where you want them, connect them to your Google Assistant and you can keep an eye on things no matter where you are in the world. Speaking of eyes, you can also connect the latest smart sunglasses to your Google Assistant, glasses that have speakers built-in to allow you to listen to music or make phone calls.

Add value to your day

One of the greatest things about JB’s smart products that work with Google Assistant is that they’re great value. They clearly add value to your day, but at JB we offer hot deals and great prices, meaning you’ll save money as well as time. And with so many big brands to choose from, there’s plenty of options no matter your budget.