Drones & Robotics

If you’re looking for that special present for the creative person in your house, then you can’t go past our drones and robotics. With models from DJI, Parrot, Sphero, Anki and Ubtech, these are way more than just toys. And their prices will blow you away.

The big brands you expect

Big fun and big technology means big brands, and JB Hi-Fi is the home of all the hottest drones and robotics brands. Our huge range of the latest DJI and Parrot drones mean we have the right model for you, no matter what your budget. And breathtaking robotics from Anki, Ubtech and Sphero will entertain you and your family for hours. These brands really are the biggest names in both drones and robotics, but that is what you’d expect from Australia’s leading home entertainment retailer.

Features that are out of this world

If it’s drones you want, we’ve got them in droves. You can fly them, drive them, even sail them. We have options for all budgets and all skill levels, with most of them coming with cameras, including models with 4K video and live streaming options. 

Even if you’ve never flown them before, don’t stress, it can be very easy to learn. Drones can provide hours of entertainment, and provide both amateurs and professionals with some amazing vision. For those looking for something more, we have drones that allow for two controllers – one for the drone itself, and one for the camera. We have drones that can fly at up to 80km/h. Drones are the future, and at JB you can hold that future in your hands at a great price. And they really, really are great fun.

Where do we even start with the technology and the features of our robotic range. They are a heck of a lot of fun, but they are a lot more than just toys. If you want something that pushes your children to be creative, and entertains them at the same time, then this gear is the stuff you want. Let’s start with our Anki Overdrive range. This is so much more than just car racing – it’s intelligent and strategic. It’s also simple to set up and play, whether you battle your friend, or fight AI opponents that learn and adapt to your tactics. You can control everything with an App on your device, and upgrade, weaponise, or customise as much as you want. You don’t have to be an expert to play, and no matter how good you get, there is always a challenge around the next bend, with a heap of different playing modes.
And then there is Cozmo. Cozmo is both a supercomputer and a loyal sidekick. You’ll be amazed at how much this robot with personality can do. These little cuties are smart and choc full of technology. Cozmo can see you, recognise you and it will soon become a fun part of your family. You can play games with it, or just hang out. There are no parts, you don’t have to put anything together, and it will last for ages.

For Star Wars fans, our Sphero range is your dream come true. You can use the force to have your very own droid, and power it all by a wrist band that looks like it came straight of the movie set. This technology is unbelievable and it fosters the kind of creativity you can only dream of with an action figure. 

And if you want to build robots yourself, our Ubtech robot kit can unleash your inner Lego child. It’s easy to master, you can build some very impressive beasts, and you will learn a lot while doing it.

Super deals

The truly amazing thing about all this technology is its cost. You will be blown away when you realise how cheap most of this gear is. And we also have a range of Factory Scoops that can save you even more money. And on top of all these great deals we have a heap of JB exclusives that makes choosing us for drones and robotics and even smarter choice.