futuristic design that breaks current trend

The striking design with its lean angular body and distinct lines creates a strong, agile shape.

intelligent remote control, experience the future

The Xplorer is ready for future upgrades, has a more advanced flight control system and enables better real-time flight experiences.

smart control, excellent grip

Compact and intuitive handling with a comfortable tactile silicon grip and vibrating feedback signals make this remote control very convenient.

The modular construction makes the drone easy to assemble

The innovative modular build also helps to easily transport and maintain your drone.
Quick assembling and easy flying also contribute to its smart look and feel.
Distinctive and unique

Sharp and sleek lines that accentuate the innovative design.
The high-tech materials and unique coating complement Xplorer's distinctive look and feel.
Adjustable landing gear

Adjust the position of the landing gear to avoid contact between the gimbal and the ground.
Silicone rubber caps at the bottom of the landing gear minimize the vibration caused by high-speed landing.


Its distinctive shape increases stability in air

The smart flight control system enables unprecedented control experience and allows users to truly enjoy their flight.
GPS assisted hovering, accurate and reassuring

Flying has never been easier thanks to the smart flight assistance and auto-hovering functions. Combined with its one-click auto takeoff/landing function, you experience a safe and enjoyable flight.
Built-in mini computer, innovative and safer

Centrally positioned, the X-shaped module with its built-in high-precision sensors and IMU chip, effectively reduces the vibrations experienced during flight and enhances the safety of the drone.
Choose your level and fly with confidence

There are 3 flight mode levels to accomodate you and two scroll wheels to adjust the angle of your camera as well as the brightness of the lamps
Continuous feedback to ensure the flight safety

During each flight four led indicators give you feedback about the flight status of your drone. Together with the three easy-access buttons for auto takeoff/landing, return home and Intelligent Orientation Control, you will experience an easy and relaxed flight.
All four transmitter modes are supported

Experienced remote control pilots can also select the transmitter mode of their preference.

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