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The big brands you can trust

Reliability and security are a big deal when you’re talking about internet routers, and with big brands like Netgear you can be guaranteed that’s front and centre of everything they do. Trusting your router to give you the performance you need is also important, and everyone wants all their stuff protected and safe. JB Hi-Fi is the home of big brands like Netgear because we want you to have the best entertainment value possible, and the experience and technology to back it all up.

Features to keep you going and going

JB’s Netgear router range easily gives you all the technology, reliability, speed and coverage you’ll need for your home, and they’re really easy to use and set up. If you’re a gamer, you’re always looking for the best tech you can afford. Netgear routers have it all. They can help control any lag by limiting the distance to game servers or other players, which helps you stay in the game.

JB’s range uses state-of-the-art software to all the things a good router should – stabilize ping, reduce lag spikes and help keep you in the going in real time. You can get a guaranteed local connection with a Geo Filter and even prioritise your gaming device over others in the house. Blazing-fast WiFi speeds and topline processors will make your gaming free of frustration, and gaming support helps you protect your network identity and prevent DoS attacks.

If you’re not into big-time gaming and want a router to make your home business more efficient, or your household run smoother, then JB still has a heap of Netgear models to choose from. Whether you’re connecting one device or 12, JB has powerful models that will suit. External antennas mean more coverage, even in big homes, and compatibility isn’t a problem, whether you’re computer or phone is the latest model or not. Free automatic back-up software, and easy and automatic installation makes upgrading a breeze. The Netgear genie App gives you remote access and helps setup, control and monitor your home network. And privacy is a big deal to Netgear, who want to make sure your family is safe online at all times, whether you’re streaming, playing or working.

More models means big value

No matter how many devices you have around your home, your home business, making sure they all work the way you want them to is a big deal. So is making sure you get the right router for the right job. With a heap of different models, choosing JB means you won’t pay for something you don’t need. Our expert staff can talk you through all the options available, and what you need, to help you choose the right one. Picking the right router can add value to your home business almost immediately and improve your gaming out of sight. And with cracking prices, top deals and a huge range, JB’s the place to go. Check out the details online, including our customer reviews, or drop into any of our stores to have your router questions answered. And to get the latest deals, subscribe to our regular emails for even more value.