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The revolution continues

You know a brand is one of the best when it helped kickstart a product revolution and is still one of the biggest sellers more than a decade later. Fitbit was one of the wearable fitness tracker pioneers, and its technology, design and products continue to be customer favourites. From bands, to watches and now bathroom scales, JB Hi-Fi’s iconic Fitbit range is huge, making it easier for you to reach your fitness goals.

For your life as well as your health

Fitbit products are known for their leading technology, and the JB range is also really popular because all the models look great and are really simple to use. Whether it’s a watch, band, tracker or even bathroom scales, all the designs are up to date and fashionable. The wearables go with anything, whether you’re jogging in the morning, at work during the day or getting dressed up for a night out. They’re designed for your life, not just your health. And wearability means more than just looking good. JB’s Fitbit range are all made to be tough, no matter what you throw at them.

The latest watches are their strongest and lightest ever, made from aerospace-grade aluminium. With a heap of different colours and designs instore and online, you’ll find one the fits your busy lifestyle, and your outfit, perfectly. Great design is also about how easy something is to use, and you’ll find using all of Fitbit’s products easy. Not only do they make exercise attractive by giving you motivation, guidance and advice, but they also give you the immediate technology that allows you to measure your performance and your progression with ease.

You can link them all to your phone and stay connected when you get a call or text, and even get notifications from your email or social media accounts. Most of the Fitbit range will seamlessly give you access to your favourite apps, built-in payments and on-board music, with hundreds of songs accessible right from your wrist. But that’s only a snippet of the big technology available across the entire range. Built-in GPS gives you accurate readings no matter where you are in the world or what you’re doing, and the regular motivation helps you get off your seat and onto your feat. If you’re looking to simply count your steps and monitor your progress throughout the day, then Fitbit has a huge range of options. But if you want to do a lot more, you can.
Some Fitbit models allow you to access unique workouts that give you step-by-step coaching and personal sessions you can adapt just for you. Quality Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS antennas are built into their products, giving you strong connectivity and more accurate tracking. You can monitor your active or resting heart rate, use multi-sports modes for extra flexibility and, of course, use them safely in the pool or ocean. Some models also have access to guided breathing sessions to help you relax, and the Fitbit app also allows women to track their cycles for overall health awareness.

Value across the whole range

Having such a huge Fitbit range and cracking prices means at JB you’ll find great value whether you’re a fitness fanatic, at work all day or just want that little extra bit of accountability around your health. The wearables are also a fun way to get kids excited about their health, and you’ll get great value whatever your budget.