Garmin Fitness

Tough, trusted and full of tech

When it comes to fitness watches, brands don’t come much bigger than Garmin, and it’s easy to see why. Big brands mean big choice and big technology, and with JB’s Garmin fitness watch range you have a heap of both. Whether you already have an active lifestyle, or want to get started, it’s hard not to join millions of people around the world and choose JB’s Garmin best sellers.

Features for all fitness levels

It’s hard to know where to start when talking about all the features of JB’s Garmin fitness watches. Between the latest technology, the huge range and the hot designs, there’s so much to highlight. Whatever your age, JB has a Garmin fitness watch option for you. Kids love the designs as much as their parents, with style, fun and toughness in every model. For mums and dads, elegance meets robustness at every turn, with a range of colours and designs you can wear on the road, in the office or out to dinner. They’re as tough as they are stylish, with scratch-resistant lenses and a heap of different band options.

When you buy a fitness watch you’re also buying technology you can trust, and that will push you the extra mile. With Garmin, you get all that, and more. The tech stuff has to be seen to be believed. Garmin smart watches combine the latest fitness tools and nav gear to give you a heap of different options. You can monitor your heart rate constantly without wearing a chest strap, even when you’re asleep. The advanced fitness metrics built in to Garmin smart watches help you monitor your form and fitness around the clock. For fitness die-hards, they can do things like crunch data as you run, to estimate the maximum volume of oxygen you can consume per minute.

That’s just one of the extended physiological metrics you can tap into to help improve your times. Some Garmin fitness watches can compare your real-time condition and performance within minutes of starting a run, to see how you’re tracking. They can also work out the exact stage when your muscles will start to get really tired, as well as analyzing the length and amount of your strides. However, they offer more than just running tech, with a heap of different profiles for other sports, such as swimming, skiing, paddling and golf. Even if you’re just into casual exercise, you’ll find Garmin models to give you exactly what you need. But the tech stuff doesn’t end with the fitness bells and whistles. Whether you’re running a marathon or walking around the block after dinner, Garmin fitness watches allow you to stay connected. You can receive emails, texts and other alerts right on your watch, no matter where you are.

Extra value in variety

With such a huge Garmin range, you’ll find great value at JB, whether you’re an elite athlete or just getting your fitness back on track. Connect with the Garmin community around the world to add even more value to your fitness watch and check out the top deals instore or online.