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Brands that do the job you want

Compromising on quality when buying a wine fridge isn’t an option. It’s important to choose a brand that knows what they’re doing, one you can be confident is going to keep your wines exactly as you want them. That confidence is guaranteed at JB, with leading brands such as Vintec and Hisense ripe for the picking.

Sleek designs that deliver on features

Wine fridges are all about style, technology and the flexibility to do what you need them to do. JB has the latest designs that come in a range of different sizes to suit both your wine collection and your kitchen. They are ideal as either a cellaring cabinet or a serving cabinet, or both at once, meaning your wines are both accessible and always ready to be used. JB’s models are either hinged on the right, or have reversable doors, and range from big enough to store more than 120 bottles, to handy enough to store 30.

That flexibility flows over into their designs, with models featuring single or double doors, and adjustable feet to help it fit where you need it to. And, of course, they look great. Wine fridges should be sleek, elegant and sophisticated, and JB’s range is certainly all that. Outside, they feature glass doors with chrome trim, curved dark glass and hidden handles. Inside, you can choose from chrome or wooden racks that both show off your collection and store it perfectly. And that is where technology takes over.

Buying a product that is built solely for storing and serving wine means it will include a heap of special features that other fridges don’t have. Wines aren’t really meant to be stored in open racks in different rooms around the house, and putting your favourite bottles in a regular fridge can be even worse. JB’s wine fridge range allows you to store a lot of bottles the way they should be stored, with the right temperature, the right humidity control and with as little vibration as possible. In fact, with some of JB’s models, you can have different temperatures on different sides, allowing you to cool your whites and store your reds at the same time. Triple glazed doors and UV treated glass keeps everything at the perfect temperatures and stops and spoiling. And LED digital temperature controls makes storage and identification easy.

Value that matures

Having so many wine fridge options at JB means you’ll find value no matter what your budget. Hot deals and great prices on big brands are what JB is known for, and our wine fridge range is no different. Our models are cheap to run, and come with warranties that will see that value extended over a heap of years. And the value of having a wine fridge can be more than just about the cracking JB deals. For a lot of people, wine is an investment, and being able to store it properly is a good way of making sure that investment is well looked after.