Monty Python And The Holy Grail

Model: D14164

SKU: 524474 Product ID: 536224

Format - 2 DVD

Available - 01/07/04

Running Time - 86 mins

Year of Production - 1974

Rating - PG


    Makes Ben Hur look like an Epic. After 29 years in the making, the second funniest film of all time comes to DVD in a brand-new, 2-disc Collector's Edition. With really nice new picture quality, rather loud 5.1 sound and hours and hours and hours of extra bits (including the lost 24 seconds), MONTY PYTHON AND THE HOLY GRAIL is a must for anyone who likes really silly movies with killer rabbits in them. Arthur, King of Britons, Defeater of the Saxons and Sovereign of all England with only his trusty servant Patsy by his side has travelled the length and breadth of the land in search of noble knights to join his Court at Camelot. His ranks are soon swelled by such illustrious names as Sir Bedevere, Sir Lancelot the Brave, Sir Galahad the Pure and Sir Robin-the-not-quite-so-pure and not-very-brave either, they form a band whose names and deeds will be retold throughout the centuries... The Knights of the Round Table. Their first adventure is where they get to meet God, who sets them a task, a sacred quest... the Quest for the Holy Grail. On their quest the Knights encounter many hazards: the sarcastic taunts of the French Knights, the Knights who say "Ni", Tim the Enchanter and the terror of the Cave of Caerbannog, until only one thing stands between them and the Holy Grail...


    Director - Jones, Terry

    Actors - Chapman, Graham/Cleese, John/Idle, Eric/Gilliam, Terry

    Film Genre - Comedy

    Label - Sony Pictures Entertainment

    Audio - English (Dolby Digital 5.1)

    Subtitles - English/Cantonese/Croatian/Czech/Danish/Finnish/Greek/Hungarian/Icelandic/Norwegian/Polish/Russian/Slovene/Swedish/Turkish

    Running Time - 86

    Aspect Ratio - 1.85:1

    Region Coding - 4

    TV Standard - PAL

    Rating - PG

    Year of Release - 1974

    Primary Format - Movies/TV - DVD

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