Digimon: Data Squad - Collection 2

Model: MMA4163

SKU: 269740 Product ID: 483643

Format - 2 DVD

Available - 10/03/10

Running Time - 312 mins

Year of Production - 2006

Rating - PG


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    The Rise of RizeGreymon! A new Ultimate level Digimon, Merukimon, crosses from the Digital World to the real world in search of Biyomon. Biyomon has become attached to Kristy. Marcus, Tomas and the rest of DATS battle Merukimon but he is too strong and he takes Biyomon back to the digital world.
    Episode Listing:
    The Rise of RizeGreymon!
    The Wild Boy of the Digital World
    The Gorge of Deception!
    Falcomon: Friend or Foe
    Yoshi's Biggest Battle: The One with Herself
    The Clash with Merukimon!
    The Truth About Keenan
    The Crier Family Reunion
    The Wrath of SaberLeomon
    One More Digital Dive!
    The Past Revealed


    Film Genre - TV Childrens

    Label - Madman Entertainment

    Audio - English (Dolby Digital 2.0)

    Subtitles - None

    Running Time - 312

    Aspect Ratio - 1.33:1

    Region Coding - 4

    TV Standard - PAL

    Rating - PG

    Year of Release - 2006

    Primary Format - Movies/TV - DVD