It Crowd, The: The Internet Is Coming

Model: R-114373-9

SKU: 494523 Product ID: 766488

Format - DVD

Available - 18/12/13

Year of Production - 2013

Rating - M


    An incident involving spilt coffee, a homeless person and Roy and Jen looking despicable is filmed on a cameraphone and goes viral on the internet. Once Jen and Roy are identified, their reputations and that of Reynholm Industries are at risk. And everything they do only makes it worse. Meanwhile, before Douglas goes off to do "Secret Millionaire", he shares with Moss his secret of confidence and Moss is transformed. A confident Moss devises a plan to help Jen and Roy recover their reputation but it all seems too good to be true. Have they missed something?


    Actors - O'dowd, Chris/Ayoade, Richard/Parkinson, Katherine

    Film Genre - TV Comedy

    Label - Roadshow

    Audio - English (Dolby Digital 2.0)

    Aspect Ratio - 1.80:1

    Region Coding - 4

    TV Standard - PAL

    Rating - M

    Year of Release - 2013

    Primary Format - Movies/TV - DVD