Supernatural - Season 4

Model: R-120033-9

SKU: 270723 Product ID: 690039

Format - 6 DVD

Available - 06/01/10

Running Time - 869 mins

Year of Production - 2008

Rating - MA15+

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    Resurrection. After enduring unspeakable torture, Dean escapes from Hell, rescued by an all-powerful creature he's never seen before - an Angel - a warrior of God who recruits Sam and Dean into Heaven's battle against Hell. And there are whispers that a certain fallen angel will soon be freed from his prison deep in Hell: Lucifer. If Sam and Dean can't stop it - if Lucifer walks free - he'll bring on the Apocalypse. Meanwhile, the Winchester Brothers reunite and hit the road, battling the supernatural wherever they go. They encounter demons, spirits, Dracula himself and even a drunk, heavily armed 7-foot-tall teddy bear. All the while, the ultimate war draws them into its horror throughout this enthralling  22-Episode Season Four. Caught between Heaven and Hell, between God and the Devil, the Winchester brothers must battle for the future of humankind.

    Episode Listing:
    Lazarus Rising
    Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester
    In the Beginning
    Monster Movie
    Yellow Fever
    It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
    Wishful Thinking
    I Know What You Did Last Summer
    Heaven and Hell
    Family Remains
    Criss Angel Is A Douchebag
    After School Special
    Sex and Violence
    Death Takes a Holiday
    On the Head of a Pin
    It's a Terrible Life
    The Monster at the End of This Book
    Jump the Shark
    The Rapture
    When The Levee Breaks
    Lucifer Rising


    Actors - Padalecki, Jared/Ackles, Jensen

    Film Genre - TV Horror

    Label - Warner Home Video

    Audio - English (Dolby Digital 5.1)

    Subtitles - French/Spanish

    Running Time - 869

    Aspect Ratio - 1.78:1

    Region Coding - 4

    TV Standard - PAL

    Rating - MA15+

    Year of Release - 2008

    Primary Format - Movies/TV - DVD