48 DVD

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete Series

Model: AUDVD8041

SKU: 253867 Product ID: 453421

Format - 48 DVD

Available - 06/08/09

Running Time - 8006 mins

Rating - M


    The third STAR TREK series concerns Benjamin Sisko, commander of the starship Deep Space Nine, who discovers the first known stable wormhole - a virtual shortcut through space that leads to the Alpha Quadrant to the Gamma Quadrant on the other side of the galaxy. The Gamma Quadrant is governed by the Dominion, a group led by the Changelings - an group of shapeshifters which counts DS9 crew member Odo (Rene Auberjonois) among its numbers. The Dominion has become a violent force in the galaxy, and the Deep Space Nine and its crew has become the only home in upholding the way of life established by the Federation.


    Actors - Auberjonois, Rene/Dorn, Michael/Siddig, Alexander

    Film Genre - TV Sci-Fi

    Label - Paramount

    Audio - English (Dolby Digital 2.0)

    Running Time - 8006

    Aspect Ratio - 1.33:1

    Region Coding - 4

    TV Standard - PAL

    Rating - M

    Primary Format - Movies/TV - DVD