By The Will Of Genghis Khan

Model: EAG2467

SKU: 282044 Product ID: 550951

Format - DVD

Available - 23/02/11

Running Time - 82 mins

Year of Production - 2009

Rating - MA15+


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    Three childhood friends. Three sworn brothers. One was initiated into the sacrament and grew up to be a great shaman. The other two followed the path of war and the nation recognized them as leaders. But only one of them was to become the ruler of entire steppe. He was chosen by the Eternal Blue Sky, and the Sky itself put him on a trial. Love for a woman will make him a warrior. Allegiance to the law will lead him to fratricide. Striving for peace will force him to start war.The council of nine tribes speaking nine tongues proclaimed him the sovereign and gave him the name of an ancient deity, Genghis Khan. His warriors would reach cities of the West, seas of the South, and mountains of the North...


    Film Genre - World Cinema

    Label - Eagle

    Audio - Russian (Dolby Digital 2.0)

    Subtitles - English

    Running Time - 82

    Region Coding - 4

    TV Standard - PAL

    Rating - MA15+

    Screen Format - TBC

    Year of Release - 2009