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Format - CD

Available - 25/03/11


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    After a decade, the hugely influential pioneers of post-hardcore, Rival Schools are returning with their brand new and much anticipated second album Pedals. Not only breaking a decade of recording silence but reminding us why they achieved the success and classic album status they did with the release of their 2001 debut "United By Fate". Since reforming in 2008 the foursome has been relentlessly touring all over the US and Europe - perhaps the experience of which, contributed to their even more honed and developed sound on this album. There's no doubt there is a definite progression from their debut, it is everything fans will expect it to be and more, and without question will open up their musical genius to a whole new generation of fans. This might be the second coming or it could just be a perfect example of a band doing it right once again.


    Primary Format - Music - CD

    Artist - RIVAL SCHOOLS

    Label - Warner

    Music Genre - Hardcore

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Wring It Out
  2. 69 Guns
  3. Eyes Wide Open
  4. Choose Your Adventure
  5. Racing To Red Lights
  6. Shot After Shot
  7. A Parts For B Actors
  8. Big Waves
  9. Small Doses
  10. The Ghost Is Out There