Beast In Its Tracks, The

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Format - CD

Available - 08/03/13


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    The Beast In Its Tracks, is the new album from renowned singer-songwriter Josh Ritter.

    Of the record, Ritter says, In the year after my marriage ended, I realized that I had more new songs than Id ever had at one time. Far from the grand, sweeping feel of the songs on So Runs the World Away, these new songs felt like rocks in the shoe, hard little nuggets of whatever they were, be it spite, remorse, or happiness.

    The album is the sixth full-length recording from Ritter, who has been widely heralded by critics and fans alike.

    Recorded during 2011-2012 at the Great North Sound Society in Parsonsfield, Maine, The Beast In Its Tracks continues Ritters longtime collaboration with producer and keyboard player Sam Kassirer. As Josh describes, I hadnt composed this stuff, Id scrawled it down, just trying to keep ahead of the heartbreak. They needed to be recorded like that. We needed to work fast, make decisions quickly, keep the songs as spare as they could be kept, and above all never allow ourselves to blunt the sharp edges. Some of the songs were mean or evil. So be it.


    Primary Format - Music - CD

    Artist - RITTER, JOSH

    Label - Warner

    Music Genre - Alternative

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Third Arm
  2. Evil Eye
  3. A Certain Light
  4. Hopeful
  5. Nightmares
  6. New Lover
  7. Heart's Ease
  8. In Your Arms Again
  9. The Appleblossom Rag
  10. Bonfire
  11. In Your Arms Awhile
  12. Joy To You Baby
  13. Lights