Dead Silence

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Format - CD

Available - 07/09/12


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    DEAD SILENCE is the Canadian band's fourth effort as Billy Talent. Produced by the band's guitarist Ian D'Sa, 'Dead Silence' is the band's first album not to be self-titled, after they simply titled their previous efforts 'Billy Talent', 'Billy Talent II' and 'Billy Talent III'.


    Primary Format - Music - CD

    Artist - BILLY TALENT

    Label - Warner

    Music Genre - Alternative

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Lonely Road To Absolution
  2. Viking Death March
  3. Surprise Surprise
  4. Runnin' Across The Tracks
  5. Love Was Still Around
  6. Stand Up And Run
  7. Crooked Minds
  8. Man Alive!
  9. Hanging By A Thread
  10. Cure For The Enemy
  11. Don't Count On The Wicked
  12. Show Me The Way
  13. Swallowed Up By The Ocean
  14. Dead Silence