From The Roots Up

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Format - CD

Available - 05/10/12


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    It's rare these days to find a pop star who values the concept of subtlety in their music. But then, Delilah seems to have ended up as a pop star by happy accident rather than by design - and her debut album, From The Roots Up, is an object lesson in the value of doing things your own way. Having first emerged as a hook singer on Chase & Status's huge 2010 anthem "Time" - and cut her teeth performing with the dubstep duo during their triumphant No More Idols tour - the Parisian-born, London-raised singer is ready to step out on her own. As such, her musical education was vast and deep. There are echoes of disparate greats in her music that pique the ear - the sombre sophistication of her sound harks back to trip-hop pioneers such as Massive Attack and Portishead; the subtle soulfulness of her voice contains tinges of Sade and Aaliyah; the oblique confessionalism of her songwriting is somewhere between Tori Amos and Amy Winehouse. Meanwhile, her immersion in the London clubbing scene for the past decade, from drum'n'bass to garage, ensures that Delilah has her finger firmly on the pulse when it comes to sounding utterly modern and relevant. But none of these are more than hints: Delilah sounds like no one as much as herself.


    Artist - DELILAH

    Label - Atlantic

    Music Genre - Alternative

    Primary Format - Music - CD

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Never Be Another
  2. Breathe
  3. I Can Feel You
  4. Shades of Grey
  5. Only You
  6. Inside My Love
  7. 21
  8. Go
  9. So Irate
  10. Love You So
  11. Insecure
  12. Tabitha, Mummy and Me