Rescue (Deluxe Edition)

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Format - CD

Available - 29/04/11


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    Limited deluxe version with 7 extra tracks.

    Eager to break from the workman like album / tour / album / tour grind that produced four successful and highly influential records in six years, Silverstein wrote Rescue over the course of a full year, which was a first for the band.
    Having this time allowed them to expand on every extreme of the Silverstein sound and the result is Silverstein’s masterwork, the anthems are bigger, the punk rock songs are faster and there’s hooks and melody a plenty.
    The album's opening track, "Medication," is a definitive mission statement of sorts that's representative of who Silverstein are as a band in just a few short minutes. This is a band of brothers that helped pioneer a movement and 11 years later (with only one line up change) they are not only survivors but are thriving.  It’s clearly evident that the passion and determination that got them here is still driving them forward.
    Rescue is an album that summarizes the best of their past while looking decidedly forward to the future.  At the end of the day Silverstein will continue to make albums as vital, as urgent and as impressive as Rescue because they set out to please themselves first.
    Riding on the back of their jaw dropping Soundwave performances and sideshows “Rescue” is the life line Silverstein fans can grasp onto until their relentless touring cycle brings them back to our fair land.


    Primary Format - Music - CD

    Artist - SILVERSTEIN

    Label - Roadrunner

    Music Genre - Alternative

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Medication
  2. Scarifice
  3. Forget Your Heart
  4. Intervention
  5. Good Luck with Your Lives
  6. Texas Mickey
  7. The Artist
  8. Burning Hearts
  9. Darling Harbour
  10. Live to Kill
  11. Replace You
  12. In Memory Of
  13. Burning Hearts (acoustic) - Bonus Track
  14. Texas Mickey (demo) - Bonus Track
  15. Intervention (demo) - Bonus Track
  16. In Memory Of... (demo) - Bonus Track
  17. Dancing on My Grave (from 'Transitions' EP) - Bonus Track
  18. Replace You (acoustic) (from 'Transitions' EP) - Bonus Track
  19. Forget Your Heart (Piano version) - Bonus Track