Revolution Is Never Coming, The

Model: BRR034

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Format - CD

Available - 07/06/13


    Epic, ambitious and inspiring, the long-awaited debut record from orchestral artrock group The Red Paintings was five years in the making, taking founder and songwriter Trash McSweeney on an endless quest around the globe for the rightcolours to shape his synesthesia-inspired opus.

    The results are impressive – a 35-piece orchestra, harps, theremins, a 22-piece choir and of course, the band's biting alternative rock, ranging from childlike lullabies of the future, to rousing emotional anthems.

    The hits are all here – the ubiquitous 'Walls', 'Rain' and' Streets Fell Into My Window' sound as lush and effective as ever, whilst the hidden gems 'You're Not One Of Them', 'Deleted Romantic' and 'Hong Kong' raise the caliber of The Red Paintings' output yet another notch. It looks as though the creative promise and ambition of The Red Paintings has finally been fulfilled on this dynamic and electric debut.



    Label - Green Media Distribution

    Music Genre - Alternative

    Primary Format - Music - CD

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Vampires Are Chasing Me
  2. Dead Children
  3. Dead Adults
  4. Wasps
  5. The Fall Of Rome
  6. Walls
  7. Streets Fell Into My Window
  8. You’re Not One Of Them
  9. It Is As It Was
  10. Hong Kong
  11. Deleted Romantic
  12. Rain
  13. The Revolution Is Never Coming