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Format - CD

Available - 20/05/11


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    Introducing Voyager - the debut solo record from producer, rapper and singer JOELISTICS. As part of TZU, Joelistics garnered AMP and J Award nominations and toured the country countless times, playing every major festival. In solo mode, he relishes in the freedom to creatively stretch out, exploring universal themes through a laconic personal insight. Regarded as one of the most charismatic lyricists in Australian hip hop, Joelistics is one of the most gifted freestylers to have never battled; a true storyteller influenced by shoegazer electronica and folk as much as classic boom bap hip hop. Self-produced and self-assured, VOYAGER was written in France, Mongolia, China and Australia, tapping into themes of travel, modern world paranoia and growing older. On the song "Head Right" he throws down "I'm half Caucasian, still very Asian, a mad variation of what you call Australian". While the intoxicatingly evocative "Heart Remains", shows he's not just an observer, but rather, part of the land: "the languid heat make sleepless nights, lazy speak, mosquito bites, old timers who drive the road trains rolling cigarettes single handed .I saw it all clear from a house on a hill in a country far away and I thought to myself till the day that I die that ll be where my heart remains".


    Artist - JOELISTICS

    Label - Elefant Traks

    Music Genre - Hip Hop

    Primary Format - Music - CD

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Seaman's Lullaby
  2. Glorious Feeling
  3. The People
  4. Head Right
  5. Days
  6. Modern World
  7. Madmen
  8. All The Rebels
  9. Burn
  10. Last Night
  11. Heart Remains
  12. Sooner or Later
  13. Sour