Reality Killed The Video Star

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Format - CD

Available - 06/11/09


    The album was mostly written in Robbie's home studio and was recorded in London. Amongst those who collaborated in the song writing are Danny Spencer & Kelvin Andrews, Brandon Christy, Craig Russo, Richard Spencer and Scott Rudin, Chaz Jankel, Guy Chambers and Fil Eisler. Of the legendary Trevor Horn's production, Robbie says, "He's added something to the record that I haven't had on previous records - his genius".


    Primary Format - Music - CD


    Label - EMI

    Music Genre - Pop

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. Morning Sun
  2. Bodies
  3. You Know Me
  4. Blasphemy
  5. Do You Mind?
  6. Last Days Of Disco
  7. Somewhere
  8. Deceptacon
  9. Starstruck
  10. Difficult For Weirdos
  11. Superblind
  12. Won't Do That
  13. Morning Sun Reprise