Sing Me A Rainbow - A Trident Anthology 1965-1967

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Available - 27/09/08


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    This exhaustive collection documents how Werber - then manager of the Kingston Trio - attempted to create a Brill Building-like production line of writers, producers and acts, though focused on the new folk rock San Francisco sound. His flagship act in this regard was the hugely popular We Five. Werber believed in nurturing handpicked acts, and we have included his best here, such as the Justice League, the Front Line and the Tricycle. Apart from We Five, none of Trident's acts had any success, but although most of this anthology is compiled from previously unissued material, it is a surprisingly strong and accomplished set of folk rock, pop and garage band sounds with a San Franciscan flavour. There is also a rare folk rock experiment by Kingston Trio member John Stewart and selected demos by hopefuls who auditioned for Trident, including Thorinshield, the All Nite Flight and the New Tweedy Brothers. The package contains an extensive history of the production house and its brief but brilliant tenure, based on first-hand interviews with many of the participants, plus many illustrations from the Trident archives.


    Primary Format - Music - CD


    Label - Shock

    Music Genre - Pop

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. You Were On My Mind - We Five
  2. Leave Me Alone - John Stewart & Randy Steirling
  3. Need You No More - The Front Line
  4. I Love You So - The San Franciscans
  5. Stranger In A Strange Land (Demo Version) - Blackburn & Snow
  6. She's Mine - Herb Jackson Group
  7. I Don't Care - The Front Line
  8. If You Lie - The San Franciscans
  9. You Let A Love Burn Out - We Five
  10. Got Love - The Front Line
  11. Green Monday - Randy Steirling
  12. It's So Hard (Alt Version) - Blackburn & Snow
  13. Love Me Not Tomorrow - The Justice League
  14. Five Will Get You Ten (Mono Version) - We Five
  15. Brave New World - Thorinshield
  16. Places I've Been - Randy Steirling
  17. Carrots On A String (Alt Version) - The Mystery Trend
  18. I'll Make You Happy - Frank May
  19. I Really Want You - The Justice League
  20. Sing Me A Rainbow (Alt Vocal) - The Sons Of Champlin
  21. Letters - The New Tweedy Brothers
  22. Mgm Verve Presentation

Disc 2

  1. Stranger In A Strange Land - Blackburn & Snow
  2. There Stands The Door - We Five
  3. Time - The New Tweedy Brothers
  4. Johnny Was A Good Boy - The Mystery Trend
  5. Thinkin' It Over - The Justice League
  6. Wrong My Friend - Thorinshield
  7. Here I Stand - The All Night Flight
  8. What's Goin' On - We Five
  9. This Time - Ron Davies
  10. Mambo For Marion (Reference Vocal) - The Mystery Trend
  11. Can't Get Over How You Left Me - The Justice League
  12. Go And Hide - The Sons Of Champlin
  13. All The Time - The Tricycle
  14. Pleasant Avenue - Ron Davies
  15. Not A Single Word - The Tricycle
  16. She's On My Mind - The Crystal Set
  17. Time - Blackburn & Snow
  18. 61 Clay - Ron Nagle
  19. Peaceful Times - The Crystal Set
  20. Somewhere - The Tricycle
  21. See More Tomorrow (Backing Track) - Blackburn & Snow
  22. Shades Of Grey (Alt Backing Track) - The Sons Of Champlin