ACL Warranty Claims

The Australian Consumer Law(ACL) protects consumers by giving them certain guaranteed rights when they buy goods and services.

For example, the ACL requires that goods must be free of defects, and do what they are meant to do. Services must be carried out with care and skill. These rights, which the ACL says automatically apply whenever goods or services are supplied to a consumer, are called ‘Consumer Guarantees’.

Consumer Guarantees have no set time limit but generally last for an amount of time that is reasonable to expect given factors including the cost and quality of the product or any representations made.

The policies set out under the JB Hi-Fi Voluntary Warranty are intended to provide you with remedies that JB Hi-Fi believes in the majority of circumstances to be consistent with your statutory rights under the ACL in the event of breach of a Consumer Guarantee relating to faulty products. However, these policies are in addition to, and do not limit your rights with respect to, the Consumer Guarantees or any other rights and remedies that you have under a law in relation to the goods sold by JB Hi-Fi. If you are not satisfied with a remedy under the JB Hi-Fi Minimum Voluntary Warranty Policy you can discuss your concerns with a JB Hi-Fi Store Manager who is authorised to provide an alternative remedy where appropriate.

If the store manager believes that the JB Hi-Fi remedy is adequate but you are not still satisfied that your ACL rights are being appropriately observed then you can submit your concerns in writing via a Store Service Complaint.

Please include the details of any remedy offered by JB Hi-Fi or the manufacturer that was not to your satisfaction in accordance with the ACL. 

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