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Asko Home Appliances

ASKO’s combination of everyday functionality, environmental concern and clean lines is the principal hallmark of Scandinavian design. The fundamental idea is that our products should improve people’s quality of life.


When you need to clean up fast after a big event in your home, an ASKO dishwasher can be indispensable. Modern homes are large, entertaining spaces where friends and family gather, making a hard working ASKO dishwasher that can be showcased or hidden out of sight a big plus.

Gracious Full-Size Steel Door

The new generation of dishwashers has a true full front with no division between door and panel. The front is made from a single piece of stainless steel plate and each corner is carefully folded and welded.

Green Mode

Green mode saves both water and energy. The temperature is lowered and each stage of the cycle is extended to save water and achieve the same perfect washing results as a normal program.
Available on selected models only.

Flexibility and Freedom to Load What You Want

ASKO's exclusive upper baskets can be any way you want them. Place wine glasses in the folding and detachable wine glass holders. Put plates in the plate rack or fold down all the support and load the entire basket with gratin dishes.

Washing Machines

Established in 1950 when a farmer built his mother a washing machine in Sweden to make her life easier. Over 70 years later ASKO brings you not only a washing machine but a whole range of home appliances to provide professional solutions, a Scandinavian design element to your home and care for you, your family and the environment.


Most washing machines only have two internal legs; ASKO’s Quattro system has four shock absorber legs that virtually eliminate vibration, for quiet operation and a longer life.

Active Drum

Using special hourglass shaped lifting paddles, ActiveDrum gives a cleaner, more gentle wash by moving your laundry to the centre, while guiding dirt particles and gravel to the outside evacuation holes for removal. 


ASKO washing machines use stainless steel inner and outer drums. Using stainless steel for both drums is more hygienic than plastic, and lasts much longer as well.


Tumble dryers are the convenient solution for fast clothes drying. ASKO Tumble Dryers boast amazing energy efficiency, innovative features and sturdy workmanship to dry your clothing and other items on time and wrinkle-free.

Butterfly Drying

Two paddles inside the machine gently push the clothing in a figure eight, to spread the garments out and allow air to evenly circulate through them. This prevents bundling and minimises creasing in your clothes.


SensiDry detects the level of moisture in your clothes and automatically turns off when they are dry. This prevents shrinking while saving energy.

6 Star Energy Rating

Our technology puts our dryers among the most energy efficient dryers in the world, so you’ll save money with every use.