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The humble ball mouse has evolved considerably since point-and-click tech revolutionised computer time. Optical and laser technology has made mice a lot more versatile, with the latter able to operate on most surfaces. Then there are the ergonomic models that take the strain out of all-day manoeuvring. And, of course, the basic wired mouse remains a practical and low cost option. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a mouse for school and home study:


Spending all day at the desk clicking and scrolling can leave a hand and wrist feeling a bit sore. So, whether you drive a mouse with your palm or fingertips, you’ll want one that’s a good and comfortable fit for your hand.


Ergonomic mice might resemble something from a Star Wars movie, but this unconventional design eliminates the aches and pains that arise from extended use over long periods. Say goodbye to RSI and mouse-wrist – the upright handshake grip of an ergonomic mouse takes the pressure off, ensuring smooth and comfortable operation.


Ultimately, it’s a personal choice. A wired mouse plugs directly into a USB port and doesn’t require charging or a software download to install. Wireless mice have the unplugged advantage of Bluetooth connectivity or an infrared radio receiver dongle connected to a USB port.


Gaming mice possess subtle differences to a regular mouse, including additional buttons. But the main advantage for gamers – and everyday mouse users – is they are more sensitive and responsive, as well as being designed for comfort. If you’ve an ardent after-school gamer in your life, a gaming mouse is a win-win solution for work and play.


The keyboard is a veritable workhorse, taking a pounding all day, every day, as school assignments, emails and essays are created by nimble fingers. Some are designed for specific work types and gaming, as well as ergonomic comfort. They’re also a useful add-on accessory to a smartphone or tablet, for those times when a touchscreen is a bit impractical. Choose a keyboard that’s built to last and suits your budget, and consider the features and functionality you need for a productive day at the desk.

all quiet

Burning the midnight oil to get an assignment finished on time? You’ll want a quiet operator that won’t distract the household with a flurry of typing. Most keyboards make a bit of noise, but ones that ultilise non-mechanical switches will keep it to a minimum


Like mice, keyboards have replaced cables with wireless connectivity, which allows for flexibility of use. Wireless keyboards use RF tech via a receiver plugged into a USB port, or can be connected using Bluetooth. The traditional, wired version is ideal for a dedicated desk or fixed study set-up, and no charging is required.


Keyboards designed for gaming are generally more robust and include features you don’t find in a regular keyboard, like pretty RGB backlighting, faster response time, and programmable keys (macros).


Look for a keyboard that features media keys, which allow you to control volume, screen brightness, etc. And a numerical keypad is also a convenient addition.

logitech pop

Make your desktop POP and be the envy of the classroom with Logitech’s vivid keyboard range. This wireless keyboard sports a retro typewriter vibe and comes in three colours – Daydream Mint, Heartbreaker Rose and Blast Yellow.