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With summer in full swing and the long sunny days inviting everyone to get outside and rediscover the great outdoors, this season’s looking like being a massive one for personal fitness and wellbeing. It’s the perfect time to soak up an endless supply of fresh air, warm sun and new places. Shake off the cobwebs and embrace the pure fun of being out in the world again!

smart watches

Watch This Space

Smartwatches are the perfect fitness partner, and they’ve come a long way over the last five years. Instead of just monitoring your heart rate, smartwatches can keep an eye on a whole range of body metrics, sending it all to connected smartphone apps to help you track your fitness progress, alert you if anything’s wrong, and provide quick access to emergency services in seconds if needed.

Of course, they’ll also keep track of your daily tasks and appointments because the latest fitness watches are also stylish, capable and powerful mini wrist computers.

jb's top tips

  • Pick a smart watch that works well with your existing smartphone – check your phone’s app store to make sure there’s app support before you buy.

sport headphones

Listen up, Bud!

If you’re heading out to do some running, jogging or just walking the dog, you’ll probably have discovered the hassle with regular earbuds and over-ear headphones – they won’t stay in (or on) your ears when you’re exercising, and sound quality can vary wildly as they move about as you do. 

Some headphones and earbuds were just made to be used when you’re not being active – but there’s a whole range of them that are custom-designed to be the perfect outdoors companions for music, podcasts or phone calls. Regardless of whether you’re an earbuds of over-ear headphones person, if they’re designed for active use they should stay put when you’re running, and stay working if you sweat.

jb's top tips

  • With most earbuds, extended battery life comes via a charging case – so check the run time outside the case if you’re planning on using them for a very long run or ride.

Wireless Headphones

Hear The World

Not everyone is keen to block out the outdoor world’s sounds completely – and for the dedicated fitness fanatic it can be a real problem to not hear what’s going on in the world around you. 

Whether it’s cars and other traffic, people talking to you or keeping an ear on the safety sounds of things like pedestrian crossings, some people would rather not shut out the world while they’re out exercising in it – but want to enjoy quality audio as well. Again, technology comes to the rescue, with clever devices that deliver music while keeping outside sounds audible.

smart water & drink bottles

Keeping Fit Is Thirsty Work

If you’re doing any kind of exercise – or even if you’re just burning energy as you go about a busy day – staying hydrated is crucial to your health. In the hot Aussie summer (and even winter in the northern end of the country), you can sweat away precious water faster than you take it in. 

But water packaged in plastic bottles comes with its own problems – it’s expensive, the bottles are bad for the planet, and it’s impossible to keep the water deliciously cool. Technology’s found a neat solution to this one, in the form of a smart drink bottle that keeps your drink cool – and makes sure you’re drinking enough water when you need to.

jb's top tips

  • Drinking plenty of water through the day has many other health benefits, like relieving headaches and, of course, preventing hangovers – remember this for the festive season!
  • Regular water drinking has been shown to help with weight loss.