Better Together.

Google devices connect seamlessly, so you can download a movie on your tablet, pick up where you left off on your laptop, and send it to the big screen with Chromecast. When all your devices work together, the possibilities are endless.

Play Anytime.

Pick up any device and your music, docs, apps and more will be there waiting. You can always access the millions of songs, movies, books and apps on Google Play. It's your whole digital library, available anytime, anywhere.

Stay Connected.

Google apps and devices work together to make life simpler with the right information at the right time. See who's calling, get directions, read your messages, set location-based reminders and check your commute just by glancing at your watch.

Google Pixel 4

The phone made the Google way..

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Google Nest Hub Max

Hey Google, make it easier.

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Google Pixel 3

The premium Google experience, in one extraordinary device.

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Google Pixel 3a

The essential Google experience, at a smart price.

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Google Home Hub

See your life in one view, and get things done hands-free. Google Home Hub helps you make the most of moments at home.

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Google Home Family

Meet the Google Home family of devices featuring the Google Assistant. Get hands-free help with the small and mighty Google Home Mini. Bring your songs and playlists to life with Google Home. Or give your music the rich, room-filling sound of Google Home Max.

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Google Assistant

Explore some of the things you can do with the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It's your own personal Google Assistant.

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Google Wifi

Google Wifi is a new kind of home Wi-Fi system that can improve your Wi-Fi experience by seamlessly connecting with your modem or gateway. And it's modular - simply add more Google Wifi points to extend coverage.

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Google Chromecast Devices

Watch films, shows, YouTube and stream your photos on your TV from all your family's devices with Google Chromecast and Google Chromecast Ultra. Listen to your favourite music from your phone, tablet or laptop to speakers in the home with Google Chromecast Audio.

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