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Headphones and Speakers


Cover Your Ears

While earbuds are getting the most attention when it comes to wireless music, more traditional-looking over-ear headphones have been going wire-free too – and they offer some big advantages over earbuds for those who want the very best in sound quality.

Because of their size, designed to completely cover both your ears, they can come with seriously big drivers – and those bigger speakers mean more audio power, more accurate sound and bigger bass. Over-ear headphones also have an advantage when it comes to blocking outside noise that can disrupt your listening, and many come with additional noise cancelling tech to keep even more of the outside world away from your ears. 

That’s not ideal for all situations – if you’re listening while cycling or running, you’ll probably want more awareness of sound around you. But over-ears aren’t really made for wearing while active – they’re perfect for the plane or train, or relaxing in the summer sun.

jb's top tips

  • Noise cancelling on over-ear headphones is best at removing constant sounds like airplane engine noise or traffic sounds, with the over-ear design already blocking a lot of unwanted sound.

In-ear wireless headphones

Plug And Play

When you’re getting into the great outdoors during an Aussie summer, there’s nothing better than having your favourite music (or podcast) with you as you exercise or explore.

Earbuds have always been the go-to choice for those who like to listen while they’re out and active, but it’s only been fairly recently that those buds have been able to give a true sense of freedom, thanks to a wireless design that means no cable between ears is needed – just plug ‘em in and go. 

These tiny little audio marvels can deliver serious sound quality, add noise cancellation and last for an entire day on a charge thanks to their pocketable carrying case, which tops them up when you’re away from a power point.

jb's top tips

  • Earbuds come with a range of silicon tip sizes so they sit in your ears properly – important for proper bass. Try them all out to see which size works best for you.

party speakers & lighting

Party On!

Summer means getting outdoors, getting amongst friends and getting the soundtrack going to the best time of the year. And for those who love their music, technology’s ready to help keep the party going with some brilliant devices made for bringing the music to any gathering.

 Bluetooth, again, is the life of the party with some amped-up speakers designed for big bass and big crowds, making it quick and easy to get music live and loud, indoors or out. And you can actually DJ that music direct from your phone now, too, with pro-level Bluetooth portable DJ gear that can go wherever you are.

jb's top tips

  • A party speaker needs a Bluetooth audio source like a smartphone nearby to keep the music going – if you’re in charge of the playlist, keep your phone in range!