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Working From Home

home internet & wi-fi

Connect Everywhere

For most people, Wi-Fi is the way to go when it comes to connecting to the internet at home – it’s easy and reliable. But Wi-Fi doesn’t work especially well through multiple walls, making it hard to get full-home coverage. That’s where mesh Wi-Fi comes in, with Google’s Nest Wi-Fi system leading the pack of solutions that deliver fast, highspeed Wi-Fi across the entire home, without needing cables or complicated setup. 

For someone whose home is their office, a mesh network system is the perfect whole-house tech upgrade! If you’re an online gamer, though, you’ll already know about the value of fast, ultrareliable connection, and how the generic router that came with your internet plan can undermine everything from fast game downloads to glitch-free connections to game servers (as well as reliable high-speed streaming, whether you’re creating content or watching it). 

 A quality router should be the heart of any gamer’s internet setup, and with Wi-Fi 6 already supported by the PlayStation 5, going with a router that can deliver the fastest possible wireless speeds makes for a great gaming experience.

jb's top tips

  • Wi-Fi mesh networking is still subject to things that block radio waves, such as those pesky walls. Experiment with placement of the mesh Wi-Fi nodes to find ways around obstacles in the home – and if needed, add more nodes to expand your coverage.
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wireless chargers

Staying In Charge

One of the biggest hassles in an era where the mobile phone and tablet are essentials is as simple as keeping them charged and running. While it’s easy enough to pop them on the charger at home, when you’ve got to head out the power demands of your devices can lead to that most terrifying of things – running out of battery with no way to charge your device until you get back home.

The fix for that is easy – an essential part of your home office toolkit that you should always have with you, is the power bank. These compact, portable chargers can store enough juice to keep your phone, tablet or even your laptop online for extended hours, yet they’re small enough to throw in a bag or briefcase and forget about until you need them. 

When you’re back at home, though, you’ll want an easy and effortless way to get all your devices charged without wasting time with cables and plugs. A wireless desk charger can be your best friend here, letting you juice up your phone, watch and earbuds just by dropping them onto the charger.

jb's top tips

  • If you’re going to use a power bank regularly to keep your devices topped up, pick one that lets you charge it while it continues to charge your stuff.
  • Not all wireless chargers are equal – go for one that puts out enough power to top up your devices quickly, and look for MagSafe support for iPhones.

work from home accessories

We all have that friend or family member who’s always rushing out to get the latest tech gadgets, being the first with the newest phones, tablets and computers. They can seem like the most difficult people to find gifts for – until you take a look at the brilliant range of useful tech accessories that help to add some bling to their tech things – or just make using them much easier. 

Tablets can be a pain to type on, but click an iPad into an add-on keyboard and it becomes a computer that’s just as much at home on a desk as out on the road. A desk stand for a laptop can make a huge difference to its usability at home – and add a wireless keyboard to the mix for the ultimate home and mobile computer combo. And of course, a quality wireless mouse completes the setup. Sticking with wireless for a headset brings immersive sound for music and games – but can double as a headset for online meetings and mobile phone calls.

jb's top tips

  • Grab a mouse pad for the smoothest performance from a new wireless mouse.