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pet tech

Treat Your Pet With Some Playable Tech

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat devotee, you’re going to agree on the fact that pets are awesome to have around. You can be the custodian of a giant goofy doggo that’s always at your side, a tiny furball of a cat that knows that it owns you, or one of the many sizes, shapes and attitudes in between. 

All of them absolutely love interaction with their humans – cats can be endlessly amused for hours by something as simple as a piece of string or a laser, while dogs love nothing more than spending quality time getting much-needed attention. Now there are tech-powered pet gifts that make both pets and their humans happy.

jb's top tips

  • Playing with your pet keeps them active, and makes sure both their muscles and mind are healthy.
  • Dogs are highly visual communicators, making a pet camera ideal for when you’re away from home.
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5g phones

Phones That Fold To Fit

Way, way back near the dawn of the mobile phone, someone came up with the idea of making those formerly chunky devices into something more pocketable by putting a hinge between the keypad and the screen, letting users fold the phone shut and slip it in their pocket. 

Since phones got smarter and much smaller, the foldable phone was almost forgotten – until Samsung figured out that you can bend an OLED screen, and came up with the most high-profile foldables in years. Whether it’s unfolding to a tablet-like size or flipping open like the classic mobiles of old (but this time, it’s all screen) these phones are on the cutting edge of mobile tech.

jb's top tips

  • Folding phones have pre-installed protectors to keep the screen safe – don’t peel them off!
  • Extra displays make foldables usable while closed, and can be great for quick selfies.

latest Smart Tech

A Creative Christmas

There’s a lot of ways that tech has made its way into things that would once have been manual, traditional objects. These days, both pen and paper can be completely digital, devices to help you create art can be computer-controlled, and connection to smartphone and computer apps can take these devices from doing simple exploratory or creative things and make them far, far more capable. For anyone who’s into the art of creating, technology has opened up a whole new world of possibility.

smart cleaning

The Power of the Stick

Thanks to increasingly powerful motors that can run on rechargeable batteries – along with some very clever innovations from vacuum companies – stick vacs have become the go-to for quick clean-ups. 

While robot vacuums are brilliant for automatic dust and fur clean-up, the bagless design of stick vacuums gives them serious suction to clean up the tough stuff – and they’re always ready to go with a full charge.