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Connected Home

smart speakers

The Smart Choice

Possibly the best low-cost tech upgrade you can get for your home is a smart display. It’s incredible how fast these devices have evolved, from audio-only speakers to assistant-powered devices with high-quality colour screens. 

They’re brilliant for cooking walkthroughs on YouTube or playing TV shows while you’re taking a break – and they can also make video calls to other similar devices. 

Set up your family or close friends with the same kind of smart display you’ve got and catching up face-to-face is easy. Some devices even move their camera to face you as you move around the room, so you’re not tied down to one spot while you chat.

jb's top tips

  • You can change the activation word if the default is triggering too often. Especially handy if your name is Alexa!
  • Download your display’s smartphone app to set up picture galleries and more. 
  • Stick to the same brand for the displays and speakers in your home and you can communicate between rooms. 
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Tablet Talk

More capable than ever, tablets are brilliant for keeping connected, with movies on the go and easy web browsing. Being able to slip a compact device into your bag and pull it out for calls, texts or even a bit of quick gaming while you’re travelling still feels a little bit like the stuff of science fiction!

jb's top tips

  • Choose a screen size that’s big enough while still letting you fit the tablet in your bag of choice.
  • Get a tablet of the same brand as your phone to use apps on both devices.
  • PICK UP: Get a carry case for your new tablet – there’s a lot more glass to protect!
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mobile phones

The Clever Call

Smartphones have been getting faster and more feature-packed at an astonishing rate. These days, even if you’re not buying the top-tier, premium-priced latest models, you’re getting a phone with features that will easily outdo any model from even a few years ago. They’re the ultimate communications device, keeping you connected by voice, video, text, photos and video.

jb's top tips

  • If you use a lot of apps, get a phone with lots of storage. Apps are getting bigger!
  • Don’t take your phone swimming with you at the beach, even if it’s water resistant!
  • PICK UP: A quality pair of Bluetooth headphones that let you enjoy music and answer calls.
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Smart Watches

The World Is Watching

Smartwatches have done more than just make wearing a watch cool again – they’ve brought with them a whole bunch of enhanced features. They can now give you access to a fitness monitoring system on your wrist, working with apps on your phone to keep track of your progress. 

That’s in addition to navigation features, the ability to run apps, and even the ability to make phone calls. Many smartwatches include valuable safety features, too – like fall detection. The watch can tell if its wearer has taken a hard fall and can be set to call 000 if that happens.

jb's top tips

  • If using your watch while exercising or training, a bigger display can make a big difference.
  •  For calls and texts, get a watch with 4G mobile support so it works everywhere. 
  • PICK UP: Bluetooth earbuds so your watch can play music and podcasts.
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home security

Keep An Eye On Your Home

t used to be expensive to set up security cameras at home, but advances in camera tech have made proper video security truly affordable. 

They’re easy to set up, don’t need wiring to install (they work via Wi-Fi) and can send an alert to your phone or even automatically upload video to the cloud if they detect loud sound or movement. It’s great for home security, as well as keeping an eye on the kids, or making sure older family are safe.

jb's top tips

  • Make sure your outdoor cameras are designed for outside use – they’ll need to withstand the weather.
  • Cloud recording needs a subscription with some cameras – be sure to check before buying.
  • PICK UP: A mesh network system for hasslefree house-wide Wi-Fi.
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