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Here's Your TV Buying Guide

Finding the best new TV for you and your family should involve a little bit of homework.
The good news is we’ve done it for you.
This is the stuff to read before you buy a TV online or instore.

What do I need to look for when buying or upgrading a TV?

When you buy a TV in Australia, there are always a few things to consider first up.

  • Screen sizes - Make sure you have the right size for your space.
  • Picture quality - Talk to our expert staff about the different picture quality options and what you prefer.
  • TV features - When you buy a TV in Australia there’s a heap of features to choose from.
  • Is it a Smart TV? - A Smart TV can open up a whole other world, especially with things such as Google Assistant.
  • Is it the Best TV? - What are you buying your new TV for? Is it movies, sport, gaming or all of the above?
  • Price - You’ll be surprised what spending a little bit more can offer when you buy a TV.
  • Home Entertainment - Think about making your TV part of a home theater package.
  • Brand - Is brand important to you and your family?
  • Understand the options - Read all about HD, Full HD, LED TV, LCD TV, OLED TV and QLED and how they will work with what you watch.

Choose the size that fits best

For most people, screen sizes are important. Wanting to create a home theatre and get the most out of the viewing experience makes a heap of sense. Screen sizes are in inches and relate to the measurement from one corner diagonally to another. While 65-inch TVs are the most popular size in Australia, stand beside a 75 or 77-inch model and be awe-inspired by the grandiosity on show. You’ll be surprised just how far your dollar will go in the size stakes.


Which screen size is best for me?
Given the big tech and great picture quality in TVs today, you don’t have to sit as far away from them as you once did.
One of our biggest brands, Samsung, has an equation it likes to use to help people work out the best screen size for them.
Work out how far you sit from your TV in inches and divide it by 2. The answer should give you a good starting point to the size of TV that may suit.

Key features to look for

Any guide to buying a TV should list information about what features to look out for. With so many to choose from, a lot of it is up to individual tastes, but we’ll give it a crack.

  • Check out its Smarts - Are the Smart TV features what you want? Does it link to the streaming services you use?
  • Upscale options - Upscale means it will make lower-resolution content big enough to fill the screen.
  • Design - Do you like the way it looks? There are heaps of designs to choose from.
  • Screen resolution - Check out the difference between HD, Full HD, 4K Ultra HD and 8K.
  • Colour - Quantum dots are just one thing to look out for.
  • Local dimming - This feature gives you richer blacks and astonishing highlights across the whole screen by adjusting to the individual content.

Choose the big brands you love

All the big brands in home entertainment are at JB, and our TV range is no different. Big brands mean the latest technology, great value and a TV you can trust. Our big brands include: