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The brand that goes to the next level

Samsung has taken all the bits we love about smartphones and made them bigger and better. They’ve done this by listening to what we want and delivering in a big way. As one of the world’s biggest brands, they have reimagined the phone and all the things we love about it, including the camera and the screen, and have come up with a product that really is something special. And JB’s range gives you a heap to choose from, making finding the perfect phone simple.

Top features everywhere you look

Samsung phones are big sellers because they offer something for everyone. If you’re after world leading technology, a huge variety, and all the latest fun stuff, then you’ll find it among JB’s Samsung range. JB has a heap of different models, allowing you to buy the one that suits your price range best. They come in funky colours, and have the flexibility of different sizes to suit different needs. And then there’s the tech stuff which, as you’d imagine from Samsung, is best-in-market. Curved infinity screens allow you to see more and hold less, and their quality is amazing.

You can even share your screen simply with other Samsung devices. But it’s not just the visual stuff that’s impressive. Dual speakers on some models give you Dolby Surround Sound, and you can power through the day with long-lasting batteries engineered for fast wireless charging. Water and dust resilience is built-in to most of the latest Samsung phones, and they can handle real dunks, not just spills and splashes. Finally, something precious you don’t have to be precious about. And they are powerful, with fast downloads and a heap of built-in storage. You can also use a microSD card in the latest Samsung phones, and add unlimited online storage with the Google Photos app.
They even respond to your voice commands, and give you live translation of both words and images. And it’s those images that make Samsung phones really stand out. Samsung has, as they put it ‘re-imagined’ the camera, and it is amazing. You can video at 960 frames a second, four times faster than most others. What does that mean? It means you have access to super slow-mo, making every video epic. And you can even edit, loop and add music with ease, and post online straight away. The camera also works with voice activation, and is phenomenal in both high and low light, working just like your eyes do. Speaking of eyes, you can unlock the latest Samsung phones with just a glance, thanks to the secure iris and face recognition technology.

Much more than just a phone

And then comes the fun stuff. Today’s phones also need to have those little things that can make life entertaining. As well as being able to turn all your videos into GIFs straight away, Samsung’s latest models give you the option of creating a unique AR emoji of you. You can use this emoji for a heap off cool things, including sending visual voice MMS messages that will make you stand out with your friends.