Nightfall (Reissue)

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Format - 2CD
Genre - Metal
Release Date - 05/11/07

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This is a re-release of Nightfall, the second Candlemass album, originally released in1987. Rightly hailed as a doom classic, this album was instrumental in shaping the doom metal scene that still exists 20 years on. Nightfall is often regarded as THE Candlemass album, the absolute pinnacle of epic doom, taking the heaviness and melody to greater heights than their debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus ,released the previous year. Nightfall is a continuation of the band's debut; more epic and melodic heavy doom, though the band were also not afraid to vary tempo on occasions, integrating faster elements to the compositions giving a more dynamic feel. 'Nightfall' truly helped define the genre and paved the way for doom metal's great acts to come. The album features in members of My Dying Bride's top albums ever. This edition of Nightfall also contains a bonus CD featuring previously unreleased demo and live recordings.

Primary Format - MusicCD
Music GenreMetal
Music Genre PrimaryMetal


  • 1. Gothic Stone
  • 2. The Well Of Souls
  • 3. Codex Gigas
  • 4. At The Gallows End
  • 5. Samarithan
  • 6. Marche Funebre
  • 7. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
  • 8. Mourner's Lament
  • 9. Bewitched
  • 10. Black Candles
  • 11. Bewitched (Demo)
  • 12. Battlecry (Demo)
  • 13. The Well Of Souls (Live Elm St Club)
  • 14. Dark Are The Veils Of Death (Live Elm St Club)
  • 15. At The Gallows End (Studio Outtake)
  • 16. Mourner's Lament (Studio Outtake)
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