Days Like These

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Format - CD
Genre - Pop & Rock
Release Date - 23/08/08

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There's a freedom about Days Like These, an immediacy that stems from its casual creation. "It was just the three of us," says diesel. "Myself, Richie Vez on bass and Lee Moloney on drums. We've made three records now - Hear, was followed by Coathanger Antennae, and that was starting to get a bit more loose and have more of a language to it, and now comes the official eighth album Days Like These. "It's a new spin on old ground," says Diesel. "A lot of people will probably say when they hear this record 'Oh good, he's rocking again!'
Primary Format - MusicCD
Music GenreRock
Music Genre PrimaryPop & Rock

Disc 1

  • 1. Days Like These
  • 2. Souldier
  • 3. Crimson Man
  • 4. Lay Down Here
  • 5. Something Good
  • 6. Prisoner
  • 7. Need Your Fire
  • 8. Ain't Giving Up
  • 9. That Strong
  • 10. Take My Heart
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