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Nothing To See Here

PLU: 703610979451
In a system that pulls the wool over the eyes of its people, Grand Lodge 3 lifts the veil!
In a system that pulls the wool over the eyes of its people, Grand Lodge 3 lifts the veil!
Format - CD
Genre - Hip Hop / RNB
Release Date - 21/11/14

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Information is the most essential tool for survival... In this modern world however, truth is considered by many to be what we are told instead of what we know. Wars are being fought everywhere, laws are being passed by governing bodies & rights are being stripped away from citizens in democratic societies throughout the "Free World" at an alarming rate. There are worldwide protests but the media plays everything down as civil unrest without dealing with the original issues. Move on, nothing to see here! The unseen war is the war for your mind, the information war... To the victor goes the spoils and the right to ink the history books for the coming generations. In a system that pulls the wool over the eyes of its people, Grand Lodge 3 lifts the veil.

From the onset comes the onslaught, "Ruin Your Life" sets the tone for the album with a brooding, masterpiece. Ciecmate & Mortar trade bars back & forth, bringing order to a chaotic synth filled atmosphere being smashed to pieces by equally chaotic drums. The title track, "Nothing To See Here" deals with the issue of important news being brushed aside in the media and puts the focus on people using critical thinking.

Dazastah hit the MPCs with a fire in his belly to create a flawless futuristic, Sci Fi inspired apocalyptic soundscape tailor made for GL3. On "First Person Shooter" he smashes out extra large drums with an array of tapped synths, layered pads & digital sounds, the subject matter is about the desensitization of people through entertainment, computer games & technology.

GL3 deal with a wide variety of topics full of intrigue. "Systematic Manipulation" details how Hip Hop culture has been hijacked by corporate interests, manipulating the entertainment people consume ultimately effecting how they act. "Looking Into My Mind" touches on the subject of our online privacy & how it is slowly but surely being stripped from us creating more of an online surveillance state. "Money Makes The World" deals with the subject of Maritime Law (Uniform Commercial Code) and breaks down how the laws of banking & business govern everything within the system we live in from birth to death. "You Need More People" is a call to arms for the 99 percent of the population to realize there is power in numbers and if we all rise up together the powers that be are forced to pay attention to our concerns.
"12 Monkeys" enlists the help of several respected, heavyweight lyricists from all around Australia (Bigfoot, Tornts, New-sense, Layla, Lazy Grey, Jake Biz, Mouf, Diem & Brad Strut). Each monkey tackles their own subject and gives personal thoughts on the state of the word and where it is headed. Dazastah not only provided an epic sonic canvas for this song, but also delivers one of the best verses on the whole album (his only verse on it.. What a Cheeky Monkey he is!).

This album is not for your weekend party people... This is for people who need substance and educational entertainment!

Primary Format - MusicCD
LabelObese Records
Music GenreRap / Hip Hop
Music Genre PrimaryHip Hop / RNB


  • 1. Ruin Your Life
  • 2. Nothing To See Here
  • 3. First Person Shooter
  • 4. Anyway
  • 5. Systematic Manipulation
  • 6. Inception
  • 7. Looking Into My Mind (Ft The Master)
  • 8. Money Make The World
  • 9. You Need More People
  • 10. Cyberdine
  • 11. Proximity Effect
  • 12. 12 Monkeys (Ft Bigfoot, Tornts, Newsense, Layla, Lazy Grey, Jake Biz, Mouf, Diem & Brad Strut)
  • 13. The Occult Anatomy Of Man
  • 14. Falling Skies
  • 15. ARGUS
  • 16. Grave Mistake
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