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For The Dead Travel Fast (Limited Edition)

PLU: 727361500108
Format - CD/BLU-RAY
Genre - Metal
Release Date - 11/10/19

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Do you remember the final scene of “The Fearless Vampire Killers” The one with dozing Professor Abronsius in his coach, unaware of what he’s bringing back with him from the east? 50 years on, KADAVAR did the exact same thing. They ventured east – and brought something with them: A gothic horror story turned doom rock. With a decidedly morbid turn, Europe’s hardest working rock band unearth their dark and twisted roots, once and for all defining their unique brand of retro rock, doom and proto metal.

Self-recorded and self-produced in May 2019, For The Dead Travel Fast has becomes KADAVAR’s very own death cult, an album at the same time uncanny and extremely powerful. How do they repeatedly say in “Suspiria” Right, “magic is everywhere”. And while that may be true in some sense, you won’t find it any more concentrated on a rock record than on For The Dead Travel Fast.

Primary Format - MusicCD
LabelNuclear Blast
Music GenreMetal
Music Genre PrimaryMetal


  • 1. The End
  • 2. The Devils Master
  • 3. Evil Forces
  • 4. Children Of The Night
  • 5. Dancing With The Dead
  • 6. Poison
  • 7. Demons In My Mind
  • 8. Saturnales
  • 9. Long Forgotten Song


  • 1. Liquid Dream
  • 2. Black Snake
  • 3. Tomorrows Dead
  • 4. Vampires
  • 5. Broken Wings
  • 6. Purple Sage
  • 7. Fire
  • 8. See The World With Your Own Eyes
  • 9. Spanish Wild Rose
  • 10. The Lost Child
  • 11. Rhythm For Endless Minds
  • 12. You Found The Best In Me
  • 13. Into The Night
  • 14. Reich der Träume
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