Beard Of Bees

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Format - CD
Genre - Pop & Rock
Release Date - 25/06/10

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Mead is your quintessential musical journeyman, travelling the country from the east to the west coast and everywhere else in between, gigging at pubs, clubs, venues and festivals. Another gig, another town - such has been the troubadour life of Jez Mead for the past 10 years. Playing his own brand of blues folk fusion with an acute pop sensibility , Mead clocks up the clicks (50,000 last year alone), listens to endless old school cassettes and has amassed life experiences that all have been translated into an album of ingenious purity and startling beauty. 'Beard of Bees' is Mead's fourth album, and is the one that most reflects his live sound. All that singing for his supper has gifted Mead with a voice that sounds like it has been dipped in honey then smoked like a ham. His striking octave defying bluesy voice, shifts effortlessly from the swampy gravelly growl of the country inspired title track 'Beard of Bees' and "Town's Too Small", where he cries out in a almost primordial pain about his big broken heart before effortlessly switching to a soft evocative lilting tone on the new single 'Blackberry' and "So Much Love GoneWrong", sardonic dark tales of love gone astray, but in the guise of feel good pop.
Primary Format - MusicCD
Music GenrePop
Music Genre PrimaryPop & Rock

Disc 1

  • 1. Blackberry
  • 2. Town's Too Small
  • 3. Sucker
  • 4. So Much Gone Wrong
  • 5. Tree
  • 6. Devil (with Julia Stone)
  • 7. Bird In The House
  • 8. Beard Of Bees
  • 9. Be Gone
  • 10. Crooked
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