By The People, For The People

PLU: 886971902327
Format - CD
Genre - Pop & Rock
Release Date - 24/11/07

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The new album 'By The People, For The People' consists of several live recordings, rarities, demos as well as two new recordings including the first single 'Dull Boy' - which was produced by Dave Fortman and recorded in New Orleans - as well as an incredible never before heard cover of the Police's "King Of Pain". The album is titled because it is entirely fan-generated. Mudvayne is creating history by offering their diehard fans the opportunity to participate in creating the entire content of the album. 'By The People, For The People' affords Mudvayne a chance to give back to their loyal fans that have stood by them throughout their entire career, one that exploded in 2000 with the release of the MTV2 -award winning video, 'Dig'. This album spotlights the disruption of traditional media and the band's desire to further connect the album.
Primary Format - MusicCD
LabelSony Music Australia
Music GenreRock
Music Genre PrimaryPop & Rock

Disc 1

  • 1. Album intro
  • 2. Dig
  • 3. Silenced (Demo)
  • 4. Dull Boy
  • 5. Death Blooms (Demo)
  • 6. Fall Into Sleep (Demo)
  • 7. Not Falling (Demo)
  • 8. -1 (Live)
  • 9. Happy? (Demo)
  • 10. (Per) Version Of A Truth (Demo)
  • 11. World So Cold (Live)
  • 12. On The Move (Demo)
  • 13. Goodbye (Demo)
  • 14. Skrying (Demo)
  • 15. All That You Are (Demo)
  • 16. Forget To Remember (Acoustic)
  • 17. King Of Pain
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