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Devil, You & Me, The

PLU: 5099921633829
Format - CD
Genre - Alternative
Release Date - 03/05/08

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Formed near Munich as a hardcore punk band, the Notwist gradually began to embrace a fusion of classic '80s indie-pop songwriting and scruffy electronic backings indebted to bands like Autechre and Oval. In 2002, they released the landmark record "Neon Golden" which was one or if not the best electronic release of the year. Headed by the brothers Archer and Martin Gretschmann, the Notwist make music that is at once impossibly personal and hugely inviting, formed by a kind of alchemy that isn't hurried by convention or deadline. Over time this process has produced an album that will without doubt rank as their most important and moving to date : 'The Devil, You + Me'. Listen to "The Devil, You & Me" and you can hear many of the reasons why they have been an influence on Wilco & Radiohead. The droning 20th century dissonance with ear-shattering, electronically hacked percussion is something special. So is Markus Archer's singular voice that surrounds you with all the comfort of familiarity, the euphoria of re-acquaintance. It takes a while before the words and the scale of the musical language sink in. 5 years on and electronic and indie buffs are still really excited about The Notwist.
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Music GenreAlternative
Music Genre PrimaryAlternative
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