3000 Feet High (Enhanced)

PLU: 724353506100
Format - CD
Genre - Dance
Release Date - 06/08/01

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Winner of the 2001 Dance Music Award for Best Producer. For ten years paulmac has been at the forefront of the Australian electronic music scene, but for the last two he's taken time out to work on a debut solo album, 3000 Feet High. It features the two number one singles, Just the Thing, and Heetseeking Pleasure Machine with vocals by the Cruel Sea's Tex Perkins. Every song on this album was written, recorded and produced by paulmac with the assistance from various friends. Guest vocalists include Abby Dobson from Leonardo's Bride, Jacqui Hunt from Single Gun Theory and Peta Morris. Returning the favour for his work on Neon Ballroom, Silverchair's Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou also added a rhythm track to 'Everywhere I Go' while mixers Nick Launay and 7th District added some finishing touches to a few songs. An eclectic and exciting album!
Primary Format - MusicCD
Music GenreDance
Music Genre PrimaryDance

Disc 1

  • 1. Above The Clouds
  • 2. Just The Thing
  • 3. See You Much Later
  • 4. The Sound Of Breaking Up
  • 5. Gonna Miss You
  • 6. Heatseeking Pleasure Machine
  • 7. Set You Free
  • 8. Stay
  • 9. Post Jesus
  • 10. Everywhere I Go
  • 11. Rave Goodbye
  • 12. Disconnected
  • 13. The Making Of 3000 Feet High (Video)
  • 14. Just The Thing (Video)
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