Simple Plan

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Format - CD
Genre - Pop & Rock
Release Date - 16/02/08

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Welcome to "SIMPLE PLAN," not just an album but a statement of artistic ambition and growth from the Montreal-based quintet. The new equation yields 11 songs that are unquestionably Simple Plan but still sound unlike anything they've done before, from the loping synthesizer loops of the opening track and first single, "When I'm Gone," to the tight dance groove and R&B flavour of "The End," the hip-hop styled beat of "Generation," and the unabashed power balladry of "I Can Wait Forever". Simple Plan is now ready to take "SIMPLE PLAN" where the band feels best -- on the road. The group has rehearsed extensively to work the new material into live performance shape and is confident it will rock its fans just as hard as its two predecessors.
Primary Format - MusicCD
Music GenreRock
Music Genre PrimaryPop & Rock

Disc 1

  • 1. When I'm Gone
  • 2. Take My Hand
  • 3. The End
  • 4. Your Love Is A Lie
  • 5. Save You
  • 6. Generation
  • 7. Time To Say Goodbye
  • 8. I Can Wait Forever
  • 9. Holding On
  • 10. No Love
  • 11. What If
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