Chocolate And Cheese

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Format - CD
Genre - Pop & Rock
Release Date - 19/05/07

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CHOCOLATE AND CHEESE is the fourth album (originally released on Elektra Records) by WEEN, and is now getting a long overdue local re-release through Shock in Australia. In Dean Ween's words from the album's original release in 1994: " It was recorded in an industrial park office space in Pennington, NJ, not far from where we live. As always, it was produced and mixed by Andrew Weiss. The title is a lot deeper than anyone might assume. I suppose you could look at this as our "bustin' out" album, the one that might establish us as the next Counting Crows. F..k it, we never even got to meet the chick on our cover. I feel that while this is our mellowest record, somehow it turned out to be the most aggressive of the four. It is also worth mentioning that for the first time in four years, this record was recorded with everyone in perfect health (except Andrew, who broke his ankle on a sheet of ice in January.) We really wanted to buy new Mercedes Benz's with our 'Pure Guava' advance, but, instead, we built our studio for Choc+Cheese. I drive a '78 Cadillac and Gener has a brown Mercury Cougar. I read that Green Day has already been named Punk Band of the Year by Time Magazine (7-94), maybe we'll be the Hard Rock Band of the Year. The next Collective Soul. We're really goin' for the whole banana this time. 'Voodoo Lady' is gonna be the next 'Feed The Tree' (Belly). I was told that whilst filming his new movie, Oliver Stone had 'Pure Guava' cranking on the set and Woody Harrelson threatened to walk off unless "that sh.t got turned off." Woody, I saw you sing 'Jailhouse Rock' on Letterman and the sh*t was weak. You're no Lisa Loeb. We had a million great video concepts for our record, none of which will see the light of day without serious help from Oliver Stone, and a large financial institution. We wanted to film in Africa, with a nation of tribesman behind us with Paul Simon's head superimposed on every one. No go. We wanted to film our video in a white Bronco with 50 L.A.P.D. cars and choppers chasing us, people holding up "Go Deaner" signs. Forget it. Anyways, I'm pretty proud of the way this album ended up and I'm sure you'll like it too. '94 is our year, the whole banana...." DEAN WEEN (7-94) So there you go - a classic 'alternative' album, now available for the everexpanding Ween fanbase, or for those fans whose copies are battered beyond belief, or those who only ever had it on vinyl.
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