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PlayStation 4

The Yakuza Remastered Collection Day One Edition

PLU: 5055277036301
Format - PlayStation 4
Genre - Action & Adventure
Rating - MA15+
Consumer Advice - Strong violence and sexual references
Release Date - 11/02/20
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The Yakuza remastered collection is Far from a typical Console generation port. In addition to graphical and performance upgrades (720p> 1080p at 30> 60FPS), all three games have gone through a rigorous re-localization process.

Key Features

  • The English scripts for each game have been reviewed, revised, and even rewritten in some Cases, and content previously cut from the Western releases of Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 have been re-added in the Yakuza remastered collection.
  • The Yakuza remastered collection brings the final missing chapters in kiryu's story to the PlayStation 4. From Yakuza 0 to Yakuza 6: the song of life, players can now experience the full story of the Dragon of Dojima, all on a single platform.
  • Missing content from the original Western releases has been re-added to the remastered versions, and the full English scripts have been reviewed, revised, and had portions rewritten for accuracy alongside the original Japanese releases.
  • Day One Edition contains Yakuza 3, Yakuza 4, & Yakuza 5 on two disks in a striking red collectible case, Emblazoned with kiryu's trademark Dragon tattoo. While supplies last.
Primary Format - GamesPlaystation 4
Game GenreAction & Adventure
Consumer AdviceStrong violence and sexual references
Game developerSEGA
Game publisherSEGA
$79 + DELIVERY FROM $1.69
Release Date - 11/02/20
Release Date - 11/02/20
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