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Top Gear - The Challenges 1-6

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Top Gear doesn't do things by halves, which is completely apparent in Top Gear The Challenges Collection 1-6 Boxset.
Top Gear doesn't do things by halves, which is completely apparent in Top Gear The Challenges Collection 1-6 Boxset.
Format - 10 DVD
Genre - TV Special Interest
Rating - PG
Consumer Advice - Mild themes, sexual references, coarse language and violence
Release Date - 05/12/12

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Top Gear doesn't do things by halves The Top Gear challenges are renouned for testing the limits of sanity and rational thinking. For the first time enjoy all 6 editions of the challengers in one pack!

CHALLENGE 1 - Seven fantastic challenges that test the mettle of the Top Gear team. The Top Gear boys - Jezzer, Hamster and Captain Slow - can do brake-horsepowers, torques and 0-60s until the pumps run dry. But when they take on a challenge, the action gets competitive, hilarious, dangerous and, at times, downright humiliating.

CHALLENGE 2 - Races, chases and things on fire: a bucketload of Top Gear's attempts to get melted, hurt or drowned. The second volumne of Top Gear's Challenges, this DVD features the best of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May's quest to test each other to the limit! Features all your favouite challenges, including the Bugatti Veyron vs the Eurofighter and the race across London with James in a Mercedes, Hammond on a bicycle, the Stig on public transport and Jeremy in a racing speedboat!

CHALLENGE 3 - The Top Gear team are at it again presenting 8 of their most anarchic challenges. Our favourite trio take to the road as well as the skies in a new set of gruelling challenges that take the concept of driving to the very limit. They jet off to Japan for the latest in their world-renowned epic races, and have a massive motoring shootout against the Germans when Sabine and her co-hosts are challenged to a contest of driving prowess. Extras include a feature on the show's cool wall, an extended interview with Boris Johnson, plus an extended Top Gear Awards.

CHALLENGE 4 - Hot places! Cold places! Places where the temperature is quite pleasant! Theres nowhere Top Gear hasnt been in the name of temperature based entertainment. Proper petrol heads reckon you cant have fun in a car unless its rear-wheel drive, so take three rear-wheel drive coupes on a trip across France and prepare for some ice racing. Is Bugattis mighty 1000 horsepower Veyron faster than McLarens legendary F1 hypercar? Richard went to Abu Dhabi, persuaded the local police to close a long straight road, to find the answer.

CHALLENGE 5 - Allow us to present yet another CHALLENGES BONANZA crammed with volcanoes, World speed records, flying caravans, unstable Reliant Robins, jaw dropping races and cars exploding all over the place. No other prgramme offers so much, for so little of your I.Q. Includes the following Top Gear Challenges: Motorhomes, The Making fo the Car Advert, British Sports Cars, Cheap Saloons in Germany, The Dakar Car Versus the Snowmobiles, Topsy Turvy Reliant Robins, The Veyron in Hyperdrive, Airport Vehicles Race, The Caravan Airship, The Twingo in Belfast, May's Volcanic Adventure and Gravity Drop Race.

CHALLENGE 6 - Top Gear The Challenges 6 combines all the meaty goodness of incredible car-based endeavours with all the tasty treats of brilliant star guests and a delicious gravy of pure distilled Stigginess. Counts as one of your recommended five-a-day intake of three silly men arguing, falling over and accidentally setting things on fire. Includes the following Top Gear Challenges: The Ashes, Car Trains, Cars for 17 year Olds, Snowbine, Four Seater Convertibles, Demolition, Skoda Yeti, Amy Williams vs WRC Mini, Jaguar XJ vs The Sun, Range Rover Evoque, Amputee Rally, Jaguar E-Type 50th, Marauder.
Special Features
Exclusive Unseen Footage
Extended & Unseen Interview Clips
Deleted Scenes
Amazing Unseen Ken Block
Slow Mo Footage
Helmet Cam Footage
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ActorsClarkson, Jeremy, Hammond, Richard, May, James
Film GenreTV Special Interest
AudioEnglish (Dolby Digital)
Running Time1445
Region Coding4
TV StandardPAL
Consumer AdviceMild themes, sexual references, coarse language and violence
Year of Release1996
Primary Format - Movies/TVDVD
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