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Veleno (Vinyl)

PLU: 727361454012
Format - LP
Genre - Metal
Release Date - 24/05/19

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With the best possible production job, real orchestral ensembles - a full string quartet, a classical percussionist, and a baroque choir were part of the process - and guest musicians in the shape of Maurizio Cardullo (FOLKSTONE) and Daniele Marinelli playing uilleann pipes and mandolin, respectively, Veleno is FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE’s masterwork. From the tense opening barrage of 'Fury' through the scenic vistas of 'Monnalisa' to the brooding if heroic 'Embrace The Oblivion,' Veleno encompasses the greatness of the albums prior but opens up whole new opportunities - sonic and aesthetic - for FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. In fact, it’s an album that will have dedicated fans frothing ('Worship And Forget,' 'Carnivorous Lamb') to evangelize FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE to new hordes, while introducing critics to the group’s now-fully realized score-like qualities ('The Day We’ll Be Gone,' 'Monnalisa').
Primary Format - MusicVinyl
LabelNuclear Blast
Music GenreMetal
Music Genre PrimaryMetal

LP 1 - Side A

  • 1. Fury
  • 2. Carnivorous Lamb
  • 3. Sugar

LP 1 - Side B

  • 1. The Praying Mantis Strategy
  • 2. Monnalisa
  • 3. Worship And Forget

LP 2 - Side C

  • 1. Absinthe
  • 2. Pissing On The Score
  • 3. The Day Well Be Gone

LP 2 - Side D

  • 1. Embrace The Oblivion
  • 2. Veleno
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